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    This New Year’s, make a family resolution to tackle your clutter and come out with your sanity back in tack! Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


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Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Less Clutter, More House

Tips to clear the clutter.

Do you feel like your house is getting smaller each year? While your house may be the same size today as it was when you bought it 10 years ago, your space may actually be decreasing due to all the stuff you accumulate throughout the years. If your home is unorganized, your whole life may feel unorganized. Many people know their home is a mess and want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start. This New Year’s, make a family resolution to tackle your clutter and come out with your sanity back in tack!

Here are some organization tips from the pros.

Start Small

Stuff, stuff, stuff. A cluttered, unorganized home can be overwhelming. You may think, “It would take years to clean this mess, so why even start?” or “Even if get organized now, it won’t stay that way.” Don’t think these thoughts, but rather envision the end result.

Start slowly and take one day at a time. This may be just ten minutes a day. Start in one corner or in one drawer and work your way around the room, doing a little each day. Before you know it, you’ll be able to see the counters, then the floor, and whoa, there’s a couch in here!

Give Everything a Home

Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Where should it all go? From junk mail to toys to shoes, everything needs to find a home, and the best place to put something is not on top of the counter or the middle of the floor. A lot of the stuff in your house may find its permanent home in the trash or at a second-hand charity store. Home for everything else needs to be a place neatly organized and preferably out of sight.

To do this well, you may need to invest in quality storage shelves, boxes, or containers. But don’t go out and buy storage solutions until you’ve sorted through your junk. After all, you don’t need to store stuff you’ll never use again.
Store bedroom things in the bedroom and kitchen things in the kitchen. Stuff that’s used often should be made easily accessible - not on a high shelf. Otherwise, its chances of being put away is less likely.

Clutter Prevention

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Where does it all come from? The best way to keep clutter from piling up is to keep it from getting into your house in the first place. As soon as you bring the mail in the door, trash the junk mail. When you’re out shopping and find a great sale, think twice and think hard before buying. Do you really need it? When your child’s friends give them hand-me-downs, go through them first and donate what your child doesn’t need.

When you know you’ll be accumulating more stuff (Christmas or birthdays), go through what you currently have and purge. This is a great rule when it comes to kids’ toys. If your child is getting a new bike for his birthday, it’s time to get rid of the old one.

Clutter Solutions

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Whose fault is it? When a house is a mess, it usually didn’t get that way because of just one family member. A messy house is everyone’s fault and it’s not just mom’s responsibility to clean it. When it comes to keeping a home clean and clutter-free, it may be time to start new family habits. As soon as people walk in the door, every one of them need to be responsible to put his or her keys, backpacks, and shoes in the proper place.

Also, each family member needs to take responsibility and straighten his or her own bedroom before going to bed or before heading out for the day in the morning. A great idea - especially for families with several children, is to assign each child a room for the week that to be responsible for cleaning once a day. Then set aside a few hours every Saturday morning for family chore time.