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"I Don't Have Any Friends!"

Help your child make friends.

Children learn social skills from their parents and the people around them. One skill children must learn is how to make friends. For some children, these skills seem to come quickly and naturally. But other kids need a little guidance and encouragement along the way.

If your child is on the shy side, if they are the new kid at school, or if they seem to be having trouble making friends, here are some expert tips.

Set A Good Example

Your child is watching you. You are your child’s role model. If you want your child to have healthy relationships throughout life, you must show them what healthy relationships look like. Does your child see you interacting with your friends and family in positive ways or do you constantly argue with your spouse, yell at your kids, and gossip about your neighbors?

Teach your child about friendship. It’s a give-and-take relationship that involves communication, sharing, empathy, forgiveness, effort, conflict resolution, giving, showing interest in others, and compromise.

Know Your Child

Each child’s personality is different. While you may have one child who is outgoing, gregarious, and spunky, your other child may be shy, timid, and serious. Don’t expect these two children to make friends in the same manner. In addition, perhaps you have a quiet, happy-to-have-one-friend personality, but your child is a social butterfly. You can’t force your child to have the same social skills you do - so don’t try.

Watch how your child interacts with others. If she loves being involved with a group of kids, let her. If she feels uncomfortable around lots of people, give her opportunities to play with one or two special friends.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. - Elbert Hubbard

Create Friendship Opportunities

The saying is true: “You’ve got to be a friend to have a friend.” Parents can’t make friends for their children, but they can provide activities that enable their kids to get to know other children. This may mean planning play dates while they’re young. Invite one or two kids over to your home to play. Plan a craft for them or let them play dress-ups, make cookies, play a game, or go to a park.

The same goes for older kids. Make your home a place where teenagers want to be. Set aside a den with a pool table, video games, or darts. Keep your pantry stocked with snacks they enjoy. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your kids’ friends and it gives them a safe place to hang out.

You should also encourage your kids to get involved in extracurricular activities if your family’s schedule allows. Sport teams, dance, art class, or Girl Scouts are great ways for kids to meet other kids their age and learn social skills.

Overcoming Obstacles

Friendships take work. There will be conflict, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings along the way. It’s important to come alongside your children and support them through their tough relationships. Keep in mind you can’t fix all their problems. Because of this, you shouldn’t try. It’s good for kids to learn how to handle these things on their own if they’re old enough. Listen to the problems, acknowledge your kids’ feelings, and offer healthy advice.

On occasion, your child may need help realizing a friendship isn’t healthy and it’s time to find a new friend. If your child is hanging out with someone who constantly teases or bullies him or her, it’s time for a new friend. But for the most part, kids accidentally hurt each other’s feelings and just need to work it out. If it doesn’t happen quickly, feel free to intervene and provide some friendly advice.

If your child seems completely uninterested in making or pursing friendships, something deeper may be going on. It’s important to talk with your child about what may be bothering him or her inside. But don’t give up! With some hard work, your child will eventually have a great friend for the rest of life.