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Around the Table

The importance of family meals.

Family meals. At one time, they were an everyday occurrence. Today, they're becoming a thing of the past. Between sports practices, second shift jobs, fast food meals, and watching television, it's difficult to gather the family in one place, at one time, with food on the table. If you’ve not worried about bringing your family together for meals on a regular basis, hear this: It may be a challenge, but it's one worth overcoming. Numerous studies have shown eating meals together as a family provides undeniable developmental, psychological, and nutritional benefits for the entire family.

It doesn't have to be a five-course meal. Fish sticks and apple slices will do. The point is to be together, relax, and share life. In case you need reminding or convincing, read on.

Better School Performance

Kids who sit down to family meals more than three times a week score better on their report cards and are more likely to graduate from high school than kids who eat on their own or on the run. Spending time with the family provides children with a sense of belonging and self-worth helping them feel confident and prepared to face the challenges of school.

Reduced Risky Behaviors

Family meals not only help kids in school, but in life outside the classroom as well. Studies reveal that when kids and teens regularly eat with their families, they're less likely to drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, experience depression, commit suicide, suffer with an eating disorder, or become pregnant. The conversations and relationships fostered around the dinner table enable parents to identify problems early on, give advice, and encourage kids toward the right path.

Clearer Communication Skills

Turning off televisions, video game systems, computers, phones, and iPods during mealtime forces families to talk to each other face to face, a skill many kids and teenagers have lost. Mealtime provides the perfect opportunity for conversations between family members that may not happen otherwise. No longer are children to be seen and not heard at the dinner table (unless parents need a few minutes of peace and quiet). Through conversations, kids learn to communicate with adults, how to listen, and how to express themselves.

Nutrition Control

Eating together as a family is one way parents can teach their children healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Studies show that kids who eat with their families eat more fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals and less junk food. When parents serve well-balanced meals and monitor portion sizes, kids get the nutrition they need for health and are less likely to be overweight.

Stress Managed

Family meals aren't just good for kids and teens, but they can be beneficial for adults as well. After a stressful day at work, it can be therapeutic to sit down, fill your belly, and relax with your family. Of course, parents know this isn't the case every time. Preparing meals, dealing with whiny kids, and cleaning up spilled milk can cause stress, but take a deep breath, relax, and be thankful for each person around your table. These moments won't last forever and someday you're likely going to miss them.

Mealtime Suggestions

Making meals doesn't have to be the parent's job. Everyone can pitch in to make preparation easier. Young kids can set the table, older kids can pour the drinks, and teenagers can be responsible for clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. Before shopping for the week's groceries, take meal suggestions so the kids have a meal or two to look forward to enjoying. Make family mealtime a priority and see what difference it makes in the life of your family.