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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


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Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Forgive and Forget

Resolving conflict the healthy way.

Another fight with your spouse. Another argument with your teenage child. More rumors and gossip at the office. Conflict is a normal part of living with other human beings. Each person comes with his/her own opinions, desires, and values, and that’s a recipe for disagreements.

How do you react to conflict? Are you the type that tries to ignore it until it blows over or do you react with anger at the slightest provocation? How you handle threats (whether real or perceived) determines the quality of your relationships, your peace of mind, and whether or not those conflicts ever truly get resolved.

The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. -Thomas Paine

Resolving conflict in a healthy manner doesn’t always come easily or naturally. It’s a skill to learn for yourself and a way of life to teach and exemplify for your children. So the next time your feathers get ruffled, implement the following tips. You may come to see that conflict can be used to strengthen a relationship rather than weaken it.

Unhealthy Vs. Healthy

As with any situation in life, there are good and bad ways of approaching conflict. Those who desire to resolve conflict in a healthy way will react in manner that’s not defensive but is calm and respectful. They won’t withdraw for fear of confrontation, but will face the conflict with hope of peaceful resolution.

These individuals will be sensitive to the needs and emotions of the other party and be ready to forgive, compromise, and move past the conflict without keeping a grudge.

Effective conflict resolution depends on one’s ability to manage stress and negative emotions. You can’t let anger or frustration get the better of you. To resolve conflict, you need healthy communication skills to listening and respond in a way that’s not threatening or demeaning. Take a close look at your most recent confrontation. How did you respond? Was it effective?

List O’ Tips

There’s something you need to know: you are not always right. You make mistakes like everyone else on the planet.

Keep that in mind and you’ll realize you don’t always have to win an argument.

Winning arguments should not be your priority. To save a relationship, sometimes all you need to do is given an honest, humble apology.

It’s easy to let past hurts and grudges influence the way you interact with others in the present. Don’t let it happen to you! Instead, focus on the issue at hand rather than bringing up the past.

Before responding to the other party, get your emotions in check. It’s fine to be angry or hurt, but there are healthy ways to express those emotions. It may be a good idea to spend some time alone in prayer. Or take a run or talk to a trusted friend. Once you’ve done one or more of these things, you should be better prepared to respond rationally to conflict.

When dealing with conflict, choose your words carefully and say them in a non-condescending tone. Saying absolutes like “You never” or “You always” only fuels the fire.

Respectfully listen to what the other party has to say verbally as well as non-verbally. Seek to understand where he or she coming from. Be ready to apologize and to forgive.

In the event an agreement can’t be reached, you may have to agree to disagree. If necessary, work towards a compromise. Fighting with your spouse over where to go for vacation? Spend a few days in one location and a few in another. Or go to the beach this summer and the golf resort next.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Seek the mediation of a third party when necessary. Counselors, pastors, and trusted friends can all perform the role of mediator. They may also help you work through your differences and teach you new ways of resolving conflict.

While you shouldn’t go out looking for conflict, when it does arise, know it’s not something to be feared. When resolved in a loving manner, conflict has the potential of strengthening relationships and building trust.