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Class Is in Session

Back-to-school basics.

It’s that time of year again. The morning air is crisp and daylight is getting lessened each day. That’s right. School is back in session!

Unfortunately, school takes some work after summertime freedom. After getting to sleep in, having plenty of time for play, and doing no homework, the adjustment back to a daily schedule, long school hours, and homework can be tough on kids. Once the initial excitement of a new year, seeing friends, and meeting new teachers wears off, the daily grind sets in.

When dealing with your child’s emotions, new sleep patterns, and information overload, here are a few ways parents can make the back-to-school adjustment as smooth as possible for children.

But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.
- Ronald Reagan

Back-To-School Butterflies

The beginning of a new school year ushers in a host of emotions for your child. He may be excited to see old friends or wear his new shoes. He may be anxious about leaving your side, peer pressure, or schoolwork. Or he may be curious about new kids or trying out for basketball.

Parents should realize that not all back-to-school emotions are positive. Help your child cope with the stress of starting a new school year by talking about his feelings. By using open-ended questions, let your child express his thoughts. Listen and reassure him that his feelings are normal. Emphasize the positive things about school to lessen any negatives.

At the same time, give practical advice for overcoming fears. If he’s nervous about finding his way around a new school, schedule a tour before school starts. Or if he’s worried he won’t make friends, encourage him to find another new student to eat lunch with.

School Sleep Schedule

Adjusting to an early wake time is difficult for kids as well as parents. You may dread the thought of dragging your child out of bed the first few weeks. Every year you may tell yourself you’re going to do things differently come the end of next summer when it comes to sleep. But it never quite happens. Until this year.

Before school starts, here’s how adjust your sleep schedule so that early morning alarm isn’t such a shock. When kids’ bodies get used to late nights and late mornings, their biological clock becomes programmed to the new schedule. It takes at least two weeks for their clocks to readjust.

If your child has been going to bed an hour later than she should during school, push her bedtime back by 15 minutes every three nights. To perform their best in school and not be cranky, young kids and adolescents require 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night. Teens need at least nine hours.

Get Organized

There’s a lot to keep straight as a new school year begins. Bus routes, locker combinations, class schedules, lunch money, sports schedules, dress codes, play practice, and homework assignments.

Parents can make life easier on themselves and on their children by planning ahead and getting organized before the last minute. In the weeks before school begins, don’t think about what you need to do before school. Do it. Buy necessary school supplies and school clothes. Get caught up on immunizations. Fill out necessary school forms for emergencies, medical conditions, meal programs, and transportation requirements.

Many schools require summer reading and reports are typically due at the beginning of the year. Kids often procrastinate until the last minute, causing headaches for themselves and their parents. At the beginning of the summer, count how many weeks there are until school starts. If it’s nine, reward your child with nine of something (dollars or pieces of candy) if he gets his reading and report done in the first week, eight in the second, and so forth. You may find this to be a way of getting summer reading done without fuss.