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Life after Miscarriage

How to recover and move on after a heartbreaking loss.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you were probably struck with how amazingly bonded to your unborn child you were when he or she was only the size of a peanut. When that child is lost through miscarriage, the mother-to-be often feels the same sense of loss felt when any loved one dies. Because of this, it is normal for those who suffer miscarriage to go through a time of grieving.

Defined as the spontaneous ending of a pregnancy before 20 weeks, miscarriage is remarkably common. While many women keep their miscarriages private or don’t even know it’s happening, it’s estimated that one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage—the majority in the first trimester. Following a miscarriage, your body may take weeks to recover, but your emotions may take months or even years to heal.

From moms who’ve been there, here are some suggestions to help you do just that.

Each new life, no matter how brief, forever changes the world - Unknown

Sadness Is Normal

Trying to hide or suppress your emotions may make the recovery longer. You may be surprised how sad you are to lose someone you’ve never even met, but the feelings are normal. Also keep in mind, it’s not only the loss that brings sadness, but reeling hormones contribute to your emotions as well.

Give yourself time to grieve. Many women experience a similar grieving process to miscarriage as to a death. You can expect shock or denial at the news or realization. As the truth sets in you may feel guilt, anger, or depression. Then, as time goes by, you begin to accept the reality and move on with life.

It’s OK to Move On

Don’t be surprised if you’re not as sad as you think you should be. Every woman’s journey is different. You may be sad a few days and then be ready to look to the future. That’s okay. It is natural to be ready to move on after a miscarriage.

In the midst of your sorrow, you should know that there is hope. Most women are able to have successful pregnancies following miscarriage. If you’re not one of them, adoption is a wonderful option.  

Get Support

Don’t hide your grief from those who love you. Reach out for support from close family and friends. Sometimes a listening ear can work wonders on your heart. Friends can help get your mind off your pain. Instead of hiding out and grieving alone, let those who love you take you to a movie, shopping, or to dinner.

Miscarriage after you’ve already announced your pregnancy can make recovery even more difficult. Instead of announcing your loss, you may benefit from allowing a trusted loved one share the news rather than yourself. For example, let your mom tell your extended family and let a sensitive friend at work tell your coworkers. This will keep you from reliving the pain each time you tell someone.

You’re Not Alone

Remember, it’s not just the mother who suffered loss but most likely the father as well. If healing is a long time coming, it may benefit you to both seek counseling.

Men and women deal with grief differently, but you can get through this together. Be sensitive and patient with the other’s feelings and ways of coping. Keep clear lines of communication open.

Expect Setbacks

You may think you’ve healed—and then you’re invited to a friend’s baby shower. Certain sites or events may trigger your grief months or years later.

Expect to revisit your feelings of loss, but take heart that the pain will lessen each time.

Additionally, expect insensitive comments from friends. They may not know what you’re going through. Most likely they don’t mean to be hurtful. They just don’t know what to say.

Always with You

Most women can remember the date of their miscarriage or the setting when they first knew. It’s something they’ll always carry with them. Some couples find it healing to memorialize their unborn children.

A few ways to do this include planting a tree or a rose bush, buying a piece of jewelry with the baby’s birthstone, or giving the baby a name. You may not see your child this side of Heaven, but he or she will always be in your heart.