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Keeping Your Pearly Whites Pearly White

Secrets to a whiter, brighter smile.

Tend to hide your teeth when it’s time to smile for the camera? Wish your pearly whites were more white and less yellow?

Your smile is often the first thing others notice about you, so you want to make a good first impression. Aging, genetics, poor hygiene, and stains from certain foods and drinks can leave your teeth discolored and far from white. But you don’t need to hide your smile. There are simple ways to lighten the color of your teeth and they don’t all involve expensive dental work. In fact, most can be done at home.

Here’s what you can do to feel more confident in the appearance of your teeth.

I told my dentist my teetch are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie - Rodney Dangerfield

Whitening Strips

If your teeth are stained and discolored, an easy, at-home remedy to try is whitening strips. You can buy these at any neighborhood pharmacy. These thin, polyethylene strips are coated with a peroxide-based gel. Press the strips against your teeth and leave them on for a few minutes each day, being careful not to let the strip touch your fingers or gums. You should start to see results in a week or two. These are fairly effective for an over-the-counter product.

Whitening Kits

Using either a small brush or filling a tray with gel, these at-home kits are another option for removing tooth stains and lightening your natural tooth color. When using the tray variety, you’ll heat the tray and then fill it with the whitening gel and place it in your mouth, trapping the effective chemicals around your teeth. To see results, you must wear the tray for 30 to 45 minutes a day for a week or longer. Many people experience some tooth sensitivity following this method.


A third type of do-it-yourself tooth whitening systems is paint-ons. Using a whitening gel, you apply the carbamide peroxide directly to your teeth. Using this method helps keep the gel off of your gums and therefore lessens your chance of irritation or sensitivity. Again, you must be disciplined in your efforts and use the gel consistently for a week or more in order to see desired results.

Whitening Devices

A bit more complicated but providing fast results, whitening devices use high-intensity light to make the hydrogen peroxide more effective. Along with the bright light, a heated mouthpiece and gel are used. Anyone nearby must wear protective goggles. This procedure is most similar to those found in dental offices. You’ll see results in a couple days.

Whitening Toothpastes

Slight surface stains on teeth may lighten with the regular use of toothpastes specifically designed for whitening. They won’t change the natural color of your teeth, but through the use of chemicals, mild abrasives, or polishing agents, certain toothpastes can help a little in your quest for a brighter smile. You may even try brushing your teeth with plain old baking soda to whiten and clean your teeth.

Daily Hygiene

When certain foods and drinks are left on teeth for long periods, your teeth can wind up with unsightly stains. Plaque buildup and tartar can leave teeth a dingy color. Brushing twice a day and flossing every day can go a long way in preserving healthy looking teeth. For maximum cleanliness, consider going high-tech. Electric or sonic toothbrushes have been shown more effective in keeping teeth clean than regular toothbrushes.


If you smoke, get ready for yellow, stained teeth. The tobacco in cigarettes or other forms of smoking penetrates into tooth enamel. When this occurs, teeth become so stained that brushing cannot help. Smoking also leaves you with bad breath, gum disease, and an increased risk of mouth cancer, as well practically every other type of cancer.

Certain foods and drinks can also stain teeth. Remember: if something can stain your clothes, it can also stain your teeth. Coffee, sodas, dark fruit juice, tea, red wine, sports drinks, berries, and beets can all discolor teeth over time. After eating or drinking these, brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth out with water.