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Chandra Young is now a professional Fitness Trainer

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Just This Once?

Five reasons not to skip your workout.

Just this once!

I'm too tired today…

One day won't hurt, will it?

Do these excuses sound familiar? You may have even had those thoughts today. It's not hard to come up with excuses not to exercise, and while skipping your workout may not seem like a big deal, it can all too quickly become a habit.
Before copping out on exercise, you may want to think twice. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't skip your workout and a few reasons when it's okay.

#1 DON’T: Lose Your Fitness

Thinking of taking a break from exercise over summer vacation or the holidays? Not a good idea. The fitness gains you worked all year to achieve will quickly begin to fade. All it takes is one day off of exercise and your blood pressure begins to rise. After a five-day break your blood sugar levels go up. Two weeks of skipping workouts will reveal a noticeable decrease in your cardiovascular fitness and amount of lean muscle. Take two months off from exercise and you'll fall completely out of shape.

So many people are insanely busy nowadays, and it's easy to say, 'Ah, I'll workout tomorrow.' But you have to set aside a time and stick to that schedule. - Derek Jeter

#2 DON’T: Have an Off Day

Regular exercise does more than burn calories. You may actually feel physically and mentally different on the days you skip a workout. This is because exercise provides an extra boost of energy to help you get you through the day; wake you up in the morning; and makes you more productive, focused, and confident.

#3 DON’T: Challenge Your Goals

Before hitting snooze again, remind yourself of the fitness goals you set when you embarked on your weight-loss journey. If it helps, you may want to keep them posted by your alarm clock. Can you afford to take a day off? Doing so may cause you to lose momentum, take you that much longer to reach your goals, and be the beginning of the end of your journey to health.

#4 DON’T: Have to Make It Up

If you decide to skip exercise now, will you get around to it later? You may have had a rough night and need to sleep in, but can you fit in a workout at another time in your busy schedule? Skipping your workout today may mean you'll have to commit to a longer workout tomorrow. Be realistic and honest with yourself. A day off may not be worth it.

#5 DON’T: Regret It Later

Think of the future. At the end of the day, will you wish you'd said yes to exercise? Sleeping in might have felt good at the moment, but what's a few more minutes in bed when you could have burned 500 calories, been that much closer to reaching your goals, and stayed on track with your fitness plan?

Legitimate Reasons to Skip

There are times when it's right and good to skip your workout without feeling guilty about it. Such times include when you're injured, sick, recently had surgery, your doctor says it’s best to skip, or you’ve just given birth. In these instances, a break from exercise will allow your body to heal and get ready to perform well in the future. Pushing through the pain or jumping back in too soon can lead to worse injury, complications, or a prolonged healing time.

Taking a day off is also recommended after an especially intense workout. Giving your muscles a chance to repair themselves will increase your strength and muscle mass. So the next time you run a race, participate in a strenuous athletic event, or push yourself in the weight room, feel free to take a pass on tomorrow's workout.