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  • Eyes Wide Open
    Your eyes may be open and your hands holding the wheel, but when you're sleepy, your reaction time is slower, your judgment faulty, and your vision blurred. Of course, you never plan to fall asleep, but if it happens, the consequences may be deadly for you or others on the road. Read >>
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  • Good Night, Sleep Tight
    A good, solid seven to eight hours of sleep each night aren't just for beauty rest. Sleep helps protect you from disease, improves your mood, lowers your chance of injury, helps with appetite control, strengthens your immune system, and improves your memory and mental function. Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


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Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Eyes Wide Open

Stay alert while driving and arrive to your destination safely.

Six out of ten adult drivers admit that at some point in the past year they felt drowsy while driving—a scary thought considering sleepy drivers account for more than 100,000 car accidents and an estimated 1,550 deaths in just America each year. Some states have laws defining sleep-deprived motorists as reckless, meaning it's possible to be convicted of vehicular homicide if involved in a deadly accident.

Falling asleep behind the wheel is one thing, but driving while sleepy, drowsy, fatigued, or whatever else you want to call it is also highly dangerous. Your eyes may be open and your hands holding the wheel, but when you're sleepy, your reaction time is slower, your judgment faulty, and your vision blurred. Of course, you never plan to fall asleep, but if it happens, the consequences may be deadly for you or others on the road.

How can you tell whether or not you're too tired to drive and what can you do to stay awake and alert?

Heed the Warning Signs

You're driving late at night, it's been days since you got a good night's rest, and you've been on the road for hours. It's no wonder your eyes feel heavy and you keep yawning. To safely arrive at your destination, you must not only heed traffic signs along the road but your body's signs of tiredness as well. Besides heavy eyes and frequent yawns, when you can't remember anything about the past few miles, you have trouble focusing on the road, your head feels heavy, your thoughts begin wandering, and you keep drifting out of your lane, take heed! View these as signs that your body is begging you to pull over and take a break.

Plan Ahead

When you know you have a long drive ahead of you or you'll be driving when you're usually asleep, be smart and get plenty of rest the night before. Expect your trip to take longer so you can stop every couple of hours to walk around. It’s also wise to avoid eating a big meal before your trip, not drink alcohol, and hold off on any type of medication with drowsiness as a possible side effect. Whenever possible, travel with a partner who can keep you awake or take over when the first signs of drowsiness begin to emerge.

Stay Awake

Lower your chances of becoming sleepy behind the wheel by filling up on caffeine. A cup of coffee, a large caffeinated soda, or a chocolate candy bar all contain caffeine that will help keep you alert. You can also roll down windows, blare your favorite tunes, and sing along.

For added protection, many vehicles now come with built-in anti-driver-fatigue systems. Some devices ask you to perform tests and gauge how alert you are by your reaction time. At signs of drowsiness, you'll be told to pull over. Other helpful technologies include glasses, ear pieces, or cameras that measure the speed and frequency of your blinks or your head position, display your score on the dashboard, and alert you of drowsiness by vibrating your seat or sounding an alarm.

Have a smart phone? Save a life by installing a free or low-cost anti-drowsy-driving app. Drivia asks you trivia questions as you're driving. Take too long to answer and it'll sound an alarm and tell you to stay alert or get off the road. The Anti-Drowse app makes noises and sounds an alarm every few minutes to keep you awake. A third helpful app is the Anti-Sleep Pilot. Connecting to your phone's GPS, the app offers periodic simple tests for alertness and recommends rest breaks after traveling certain distances.