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Oral Hygiene Starts Young

Keeping your kids’ teeth healthy and free of decay is a lifelong endeavor that begins now.

Did you know tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases? It’s true! How common is it? Nearly half of all kids have cavities by the time they’re ready for kindergarten.

Tooth decay can cause pain, jaw infections, expensive dental bills, and premature tooth loss. When these problems arise, kids will often have trouble eating, speaking clearly, or focusing in school. If teeth fall out too early, alignment problems may occur when permanent teeth start to come in, bringing on another host of problems.

With the right steps, these problems can be largely avoided, but you have to realize that good dental hygiene habits begin when kids are young. And yes, baby teeth are important, too. Here’s what parents should know about kids and teeth.

She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth. - Benjamin Franklin

Infants and Toddlers

While you may think tooth care begins when your little one starts getting teeth, you’re mistaken. You should actually begin taking care of teeth before they show up. This gives baby teeth clean gums through which they’ll break through. Once or twice a day take a clean, damp, soft cloth or baby toothbrush and gently rub the gums clean.

When teeth do begin come in, brush your baby’s teeth twice a day using a kid-size soft toothbrush with a tiny bit of kids’ toothpaste that contains fluoride. Gently brush all teeth, gums, and tongue.

If you’re in the habit of giving your baby a bottle or sippy cup at nap or bedtime, protect your baby’s teeth by only giving water. Babies who are allowed to sip on formula, breast milk, juice, or milk as they fall asleep will wind up with sugar-related tooth decay.

Protect your baby’s teeth further by not putting baby’s pacifier in your mouth to “clean” it off, and don’t share eating utensils with your baby. The germs in your mouth may transfer to your baby’s and cause cavities.

It’s recommended that your child head to the dentist for the first time around the age of 1 year, and just like older children and adults, babies need regular visits to the dentist. Preventative care is vital in keeping teeth strong and healthy. When a problem arises, remedy it as soon as possible. The sooner a cavity or gum disease is detected, the easier it is to treat and the less pain your little ones will have to endure.

Preschoolers and Kids

At the age of 4 or 5 years, children should begin brushing their own teeth with a parent’s supervision. Kids should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Get them in the regular habit of brushing in the morning and again before bed. As kids often brush the toothpaste around in their mouths and then they think they’re done, teach them to brush for a total of two minutes, making sure to brush back and forth over every tooth, then their tongue, before spitting the toothpaste out.

When your child’s teeth begin to touch one another, it’s time to start flossing once a day. Unless your kids are dentally gifted, they’ll probably need assistance with this task until they’re around 8 years old.

Diet also plays a large part in the health of teeth. The germs that cause cavities feed on sugary and high-carbohydrate foods and drinks. Sweet treats on occasion shouldn’t cause decay, but frequent consumption of candy, cookies, crackers, sugary cereal, soda, or juice can harm teeth. Rather than sweets for snacks, feed your kids foods such as apples, cheese, carrot sticks, or nuts.


Tooth decay is most common during the teenage years. This could likely be due to the fact that teens often eat close to 10 times a day! They’re not the healthiest of eaters, either.

Beat bad oral health by encouraging your teenager to brush and floss regularly. (Remember: This is much easier if you’ve instilled good dental habits early in your teens’ lives.) Keep sugary drinks and snacks out of the house so teens won’t overindulge, and continue with regular dental exams and cleanings. And play to your teen’s vanity. They’re often concerned about their appearance, so remind them that clean teeth and fresh breath are a big part of a good first impression.