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I am Melynda, a mother of 2 and a RN.  At 35 I was begining to feel the pressure of keeping up with my active children and demanding job.  While fullfilled and happy, I was always tired and short of feel well.  Working out with Coach changed all that.  Now, I have energy to spare and I can't stop smiling.  I am really, really happy!  Come see the Coach!   You can change your life, get shapely and feel great.  No need to feel tired or 'get old'.  Age is just a number around here.  We are the picture of youth!

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I will be eternally grateful to you for how you healed by back!

I started training with Coach Berry when I was 61 years old.  For four months, I had suffered a great deal of back pain and knew I need to do something different. When I began with Coach, he asked me how I was feeling.  After a lifetime of training with a number of different trainers I could only say I didn't feel great.  My back pain caused me to see chiropractors and accupuncturists, but I found no relief.  After one deep tissue massage, Coach immediately had me feeling better.  After two months of training Coach had me back to 100%.  He knows what he is doing when it comes to training and injuries.  He trains people to perform exercises correctly to avoid injuries.  I have worked with many different trainers all over the San Diego County and Coach Berry is the best, most effective trainer I have meet.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness levels.

Ron, age 62

Take a Hint

Heed the warning signs of diabetes.

Did you know it's possible to have type 2 diabetes and not even realize it? Right now in the United States, it's estimated that nearly 7 million people are going about their daily lives oblivious to the fact they have diabetes, a disease that if left untreated can cause serious health issues. Because early treatment can help delay or prevent these serious complications, it's important to know the early warning signs of diabetes.

Unfortunately, sometimes the warning signs are so subtle they go unnoticed. In this case, if you're at an increased risk for diabetes (you're obese; don't exercise; have a family history of diabetes; or have high blood pressure, low good cholesterol, or high triglycerides), talk with your doctor about getting tested.

Many times the warning signs are clear. Here are eight of the most common.

# 1, 2, 3: Always Thirsty, Dry Mouth, Frequent Urination

You just drank a glass of water so why are you already thirsty? With diabetes, there's too much sugar in your blood, so your kidneys are forced to work overtime to filter the excess sugar. This means your kidneys produce more urine than normal and you have to use the bathroom frequently, sometimes several times in the night. Because of frequent urination, your body loses fluid and you quickly feel dehydrated. Your mouth feels dry and you constantly crave something to drink. Often, if you have one of these symptoms, you’ll have all three.

#4: Feeling Fatigued

You got a good night's rest so why do you feel so dragged out and sluggish? You may be dehydrated. Then again, it may be because your body is unable to process the sugar it needs for energy. High or low blood sugar levels hinder your cells from receiving the sugar they need to function.

#5: Hungry All the Time, Yet Somehow Losing Weight

You're eating as much or more than normal, but for some odd reason you keep losing weight. It’s exciting until you realize something isn’t quire right. This odd weight loss occurs because your kidneys are flushing sugar (calories) and water out through frequent potty breaks. Because of fluctuating blood sugar levels, your cells aren't receiving the sugar they need, making you feel hungry all the time. These two factors can lead to unexplained weight loss.

#6: Blurred Vision

Is it becoming harder to read small print or see clearly in the distance? High blood sugar decreases the amount of fluid in the lenses of your eyes, causing blurred vision. As your body adjusts to changes in blood sugar, your vision will slowly go back to normal. But over time, if left untreated, diabetes can damage blood vessels and cause new blood vessels to grow in the eyes, leading to vision loss and eventually blindness.

#7: Frequent Infections

You used to consider yourself a healthy person, so why are you visiting the doctor so often these days? With high blood sugar, your body's defense against germs isn't as strong as it once was. Diabetic women suffer from more than their fair share of bladder, vaginal, and yeast infections. Foot and gum infections are also common in diabetics.

# 8: Numbness and Tingling

Do your feet ever feel tingly or numb? Not a good sign. Diabetes causes nerve damage, usually beginning in the feet and slowly moving upward into your legs, arms, and hands. It starts with a pins and needless sensation and progresses to a loss of feeling or burning pain. In most cases, peripheral neuropathy doesn't happen until the late phases of diabetes, but it can occur early on.