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I will be eternally grateful to you for how you healed by back!

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Ron, age 62

Vinegar: Great as It Seems?

Wondering whether all the perks of vinegar are folk remedy or proven medical treatment? Wonder no longer!

You can get it practically anywhere, the smell is as recognizable as your own face, and many swear by the powerful health and wellness benefits offered by plain old vinegar.

Could vinegar really protect your heart, prevent diabetes, reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, and help you lose weight? If so, why don’t more people turn to vinegar as the cure all for their medical conditions?

Read on to discover more of the possible health benefits of vinegar. While all claims haven’t been scientifically proven, many have medical evidence to back them up.

What Is Vinegar?

Vinegar is made when food is fermented. Fermentation happens when yeast and bacteria break down the food’s sugars. The sugars are first fermented into alcohol and then into vinegar.

Made from fermented apples, apple cider vinegar is the most common type of vinegar used for health purposes. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, mineral salts, vitamins, and amino acids. It’s these powerful ingredients that may improve your health.

Diabetes Prevention

Vinegar has a positive effect on your blood sugar levels. Your risk of diabetes increases as your body becomes resistant to the hormone insulin. Apple cider vinegar does the opposite by raising your sensitivity to insulin and therefore helping to stabilize and lower your blood sugar.

Each food has a glycemic index, which determines its effect on your blood sugar. Vinegar helps to lower foods’ glycemic index, which in turn reduces a food’s ability to have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar level.

Taking 2 tablespoons of vinegar a day can lower your blood sugar by up to 6 percent. If you have diabetes, talk with your doctor before trying this method.

Weight Control

Many people tout vinegar as a way to lose weight. The reason it is thought this works is that white vinegar may help you feel fuller and slow the rate your body digests food. This may keep you from overeating and help you eat less often. Try to drink a tablespoon of vinegar with each meal to prevent weight gain.

Other Health Benefits

More research is needed in the following areas, but preliminary findings may show a connection between vinegar and lowered cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, and a decreased risk of heart disease. Think that’s impressive? There’s more!

  •  While research is inconclusive, vinegar may kill cancer cells and hinder their growth.
  • Due to its antibiotic qualities, vinegar could help calm your stomach from a bacterial infection or indigestion.
  • You may find that apple cider vinegar helps you get rid of those annoying hiccups.
  •  Common cold symptoms may find relief from apple cider vinegar. Drink a couple teaspoons of vinegar diluted in a cup of water to improve sinus drainage. Gargle with a quarter cup apple cider vinegar mixed with a quarter cup warm water to relieve a sore throat.

Admitted Risks

Small amounts of apple cider vinegar seem to pose no health risks. Large amounts, however, could be harmful because of the high acidity level in apple cider vinegar. The acidity could damage your teeth, throat, or mouth. Long-term use could lower your body’s potassium levels and decrease your bone density. It could also interfere with certain medications for bladder problems, constipation, diabetes, or heart disease. So sip with caution!