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    Winterizing your home may take a few minutes or a weekend of your time, but you can rest easy knowing that your home and family will be safe and warm this winter. Read >>
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    You never plan for a car accident, a cancer diagnosis, or a house fire. But they happen, and you need to be prepared. Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


Hi, I am Juile age 46.  I never like working out, getting all sweaty and I don't like gyms.  But since I became a member of Dare to Be Fit, all that has changed.  I am no longer on blood pressure medication.  I look and feel more energic and trim.  People are comlimenting me all the time on how much I have changed.  I smile a lot more because I feel so good.  Coach discovered the 'gym rat' in me and I am proud to say that I am in the best shape ever at 46 years old.  If you are serious about exercise and healthy choices, then Coach, Ray and Ty will lead you every step of the way.  Dare to Be Fit is like my very own personal training club.  

Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Keeping It Cozy

10 steps to prep your home for cold winter temps

Each year, before the cold months of winter settle in, homeowners should take time to evaluate their home’s readiness for cold, snow, heat, and fire hazards. This may take a few minutes or a weekend of your time, but you can rest easy knowing that your home and family will be safe and warm this winter.
Follow these steps to winterize your home.

Fireplace Inspection

Many families enjoy the warmth of a wood burning fireplace. There’s nothing more enjoyable than snuggling near a crackling fire on a cold winter night.

Before burning wood logs, hire a certified inspector to clean the flammable creosote that builds up from burning wood. Have the chimney inspected for cracks and other safety concerns.

Make sure the damper is in working order to keep out cold air. Finally, keep the top of the chimney covered with a screen so unwanted critters stay out of your home.

Seal Air Leaks

The warm air you pay for quickly escapes through small cracks around windows and doors. Use caulk to seal around window frames. Weather stripping around windows and doors is a cheap, easy way to keep warm air in and cold air out. Inspect old weather stripping for tears and replace as needed.
Single-pane windows allow drafts and lost heat. Install storm windows or, if possible, replace old windows with new, energy-efficient windows.

Clean the Gutters

It’s one of those dreaded chores, but cleaning the gutters is an important way to prep your home for winter snow. Scoop or blow out old leaves and debris, and then run a strong stream of water through the gutters and downspouts to flush out any remaining leaves. Clear gutters allow a place for melting snow to drain. Otherwise, ice dams may form causing water to back up, freeze, and possibly leak into the house.

Service the Furnace

You don’t want to wait until a cold night to turn on your heat only to find it doesn’t work. Hire an HVAC professional to give your furnace a winter tune-up. He’ll inspect the fan belt, clean out unwanted debris, and oil the parts.

Cut Down on Heating Costs

You can save money and increase heat by changing your air duct filters regularly. It’s also a good idea to install a programmable thermostat to save on heating costs, and run your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction to circulate warm air in your home.

While you’re at it, inspect the heat ductwork in your basement, crawl space, or attic. Cracked or disconnected ducts leak valuable warm air before it ever reaches your home.

Wrap Pipes

When those winter temperatures dip below freezing, water can freeze in your pipes and they may burst, causing all sorts of problems. To prevent this, wrap any pipes that run through unheated spaces with foam rubber sleeves or special pipe insulation. Also, wrap your outdoor spigots with insulation.

Add Insulation

Warm air rises. So if there is inadequate insulation in your attic space, valuable warm air has any easy way out. It may cost a little, but you’ll quickly start saving on heating costs. Experts recommend insulation that’s at least 12 inches thick in your attic. With this much insulation, you shouldn’t be able to see the ceiling joists. And don’t forget to insulate the drop down cover for your attic stairs.

Check Detectors

Many house fires occur during the winter months. Space heaters, Christmas lights, and fires in the fireplace pose added risk for house fires. Before turning your heat on each winter, go through the house and test each smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Replace your detectors every 10 years to make sure they’re working up to par, and test older detectors with a bit of actual smoke in addition to pressing the test button.