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    While technology is fantastic, some technological advances have changed the face of bullying. Today, bullying is no longer limited to face-to-face contact, but can occur through electronic devices such as cell phones and the Internet. Read >>
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Typing Pain

Bullying is taken to a new level with cyberbullying.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Live a few years, and you know this statement is false. Everyone has been hurt by words at some point in life. Recently, bullying has been in the news lately as people realize the detrimental effect aggressive behavior, threats, rumors, exclusion, and mocking can have on a child.

While technology is fantastic, some technological advances have changed the face of bullying. Today, bullying is no longer limited to face-to-face contact, but can occur through electronic devices such as cell phones and the Internet.

What is cyberbullying and how can it be prevented?

A New Form of Bullying

While it may not be physical or face-to-face, cyberbullying is communicated via texts, chat sites, email, and social media networking. It may come in the form of rumors, derogatory statements, or embarrassing pictures or videos.

Cyberbullying isn’t limited to school hours. It can happen any time day or night, seven days a week. In many cases, it is accompanied by bullying in person, on the playground, in the classroom, or elsewhere.

Because of the way it’s communicated, cyberbullying can be done anonymously. The one being harassed may not be able to figure out who’s behind the cruel texts or posted images. And without the help of law enforcement, it may be impossible to track the source.

With social media and cell phone technology, cyberbullying isn’t just between the bully and the one being bullied. Now, the whole school can see what’s being sent or posted. Damage can reach far and wide, and when other kids see the damage it’s doing, they may be encouraged to do the same to others.


Bullying hurts no matter how it’s done, whether through technology or in person. The victim’ self-esteem is crushed, his reputation is shot, and his sense of safety may be lost. A victim of bullying is more likely to skip school, engage in unhealthy behaviors, do poorly in school, have health problems, and even commit suicide.

Who’s At Risk?

Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere—in big cities, small towns, private schools, or public schools. You’ll find mean kids wherever you go. Often, kids that are “different” in some way are targeted for bullying and cyberbullying. This includes the disabled, socially awkward, gay, lesbian, or otherwise different.


Parents are responsible for what their children are doing and viewing on electronic devices. Establish rules about which sites are allowed and which aren’t.  Monitor what sites are visited and who is communicated with. Install filtering software and monitoring programs to keep children accountable. Know passwords and make sure no one else does. Follow posts on social media sites and know who your child’s “friends” are.

Schools must also uphold rules regarding a safe use of technology. If you’re unsure what your child’s school allows and forbids online, visit your child’s school and ask!

Encourage your child to confide in you if he, or someone he knows, is ever a victim of bullying. Let him know you won’t take away his phone or computer if he tells you. Don’t respond to the messages, but block the person from further contact.

Report It

Don’t let cyberbullying go unpunished. Document all evidence, save texts or emails, and record the dates and times it occurred. Then contact cell phone and online service providers. Such actions violate their terms of service and they will take necessary actions against cyberbullying.

Electronic bullying that involves threats of violence, sexually explicit pictures or messages, hate crimes, stalking, or photos taken of people when they think they’re in private is a crime and should be reported to law enforcement. Such cyberbullying should also be reported to school authorities, and disciplinary actions should take place.