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Ron, age 62


What you need to know to protect yourself from this biting condition.

What happens to water when it's super cold? It freezes. Since your body is made mostly of water, exposure to cold temperatures for extended periods of time can freeze it. Your muscles may work hard to keep your body warm, but it's hard to maintain body temperature in your extremities (the face, ears, hands, and feet) in extreme temperatures. These body parts are usually the first areas affected by the cold. When skin and body tissue freeze, it's called frostbite. Without prompt medical care, deep tissue frostbite can lead to permanent damage.

Frostbite varies in degrees and is characterized by three stages: frostnip, superficial frostbite, and severe frostbite. What are the signs and symptoms of each stage and how are they best treated? What can you do to protect your family this winter?

Stage 1: Frostnip

When you're out sledding on a cold, windy day and your skin begins to redden, you begin to shiver, and your skin starts to feel numb or tingly, take these signs of frostnip as a clear signal to seek warmth right away.

Frostnip can be treated by warming the skin, without fear of suffering permanent damage. To do this, remove wet or damp clothing, wrap up in warm blankets, or if possible soak in a warm—not hot—bath until sensation returns. Numb skin can't feel temperature, so be careful of hot water or the heat from a fire or stove. If sensation hasn't returned in half an hour, call the doctor.

You should also frequently check on children playing out in the snow. Too much fun combined with the fact their small bodies have trouble retaining heat put them at an increased risk for frostnip and frostbite.

Stage 2: Superficial Frostbite

If you remain in the elements past the frostnip stage, you're at risk for the real deal, when reddened skin begins to turn pale or white. The skin may feel soft and warm (not a good sign) while ice crystals begin to form in the deeper tissue. When warmth is finally found via the methods described above, the skin may look blue, purple, or a combination and may start to sting, burn, or swell. After a day or two a blister may form on the skin.

Stage 3: Severe Frostbite

The cold is now reaching past your layers of skin and into your deeper tissue, a highly dangerous and life-threatening situation that requires emergency medical care. In this stage of frostbite, the skin turns white and appears waxy, is hard to the touch, and has no feeling of coldness or pain. Affected joints and muscles stiffen and no longer function. At this point it's dangerous to walk on frostbitten feet or use other damaged body parts as further injury can occur. Also, don't attempt to thaw the skin if there's risk of refreezing, as this is an even more dangerous situation.

When the skin is finally warmed, blisters form. In essence, severely frostbitten tissue dies and the area later turns black and hard. Growth defects, arthritis, infection, gangrene, tetanus, and long-term numbness are all possible complications following frostbite.

Prevent the Problem

Keep yourself and your family safe this winter by staying indoors on especially cold, windy days. It doesn't take long for frostbite to set in when it's extremely cold. With a wind chill of negative 16.6 degrees Fahrenheit, exposed skin can get frostbit in less than half an hour.

When outdoors, dress in plenty of warm layers. Wear hats, scarves, gloves, thick socks, and waterproof boots to cover the body parts most prone to frostbite. Keep an eye out for signs of frostnip and periodically come indoors to remove wet clothing and get warm.