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    Technology comes with an endless list of benefits, but it also has much potential for harm. One mistyped letter is all it takes to send kids to inappropriate sites online. Keep your kids out of trouble on the Internet with these safety measures. Read >>
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Safety in Cyberspace

Protect your children from dangers on the Internet.

Technology comes with an endless list of benefits, but it also has much potential for harm. One mistyped letter is all it takes to send kids to inappropriate sites online. Even seemingly harmless web pages have advertisements for things young (and old) eyes shouldn't see. Pornography, sexual predators, violence, cyber-bullying, and unhealthy relationships are a few dangers that are but a click away. Involvement in these sites (whether accidentally or intentionally) can harm children of all adults socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you want to protect your children from evil in the world as long as possible while teaching them how to make wise choices in the future when you're not looking over their shoulder.

Keep your kids out of trouble on the Internet with these safety measures.

Open Dialogue

While being sensitive to the child's age, it's important for parents to keep an open dialogue with children about potential online dangers. When children are told not to do something because they might see something bad, what do they want to do? Exactly what they were told not to do. Warn your children of the dangers, the reasons why, and the consequences. And let your kids know they can talk with you about anything. Check in periodically to keep them accountable and tell them you'll be checking in regularly on the history of whatever websites they visit.

Rules of the Web

Parents can lower the chances that their kids will get into trouble online by keeping several household rules. First, you should require that all Internet usage must occur in certain common rooms of the house. Keep the computer in a visible location like the kitchen or family room.

For added safety, cell phones must be put in a central charging station every evening before bed. Children and teens shouldn't be allowed to keep their phones in their bedrooms at night.

Finally, time limits should be enforced for the length of time spent online each day unless research is being done for homework. Software tools are available to set time limits as well as time of day access.

Seeking Safeguards

Since you can’t be there every moment your kids are online, it’s a good idea to check out the numerous tools available to help protect kids from online dangers. Research which method would work best for your family and apply it. Keep in mind many of these simple safeguards are free but offer priceless rewards. Some options include the following:

  • Filtering and blocking software limits a user's access to certain words, images, or sites. Filters can be applied to web pages, emails, chat sites, and instant messaging.
  • Other software is available to block outgoing content as a way to protects kids from sharing their personal information to strangers online.
  • Monitoring tools can be used without the use of blocking software to alert parents of which sites are visited by everyone in the home.
  • Also called “walled gardens,” kid-specific browsers and search engines are great ways to shield your kids. Rather than letting your kids search under general browsers, give them access to appropriate material reached by their own search engine.
  • Just because your child or teenager has a smart phone doesn't mean unlimited access to the Internet should be allowed. Set password-protected settings and download apps that filter the Internet, limit access, alert you of sites visited and apps downloaded, and map the location of your child.

Taking the Internet reins in your house may not be pleasant at all times, but you are the parent here, and your children are your responsibility, and you ought to take this responsibility seriously.