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I am Tara Caden and you would think that after having four, yes, four lovely children that my body would not come back to it's former youthful form.  It is just unbelievable what Coach Berry and the Dare to Be Fit fitness experts can do for you.  Motivation is a huge part of keeping on track to your goal and these guys really can keep you focused.   It is not all work, but a whole lot of fun as the Studio feels like your personal hang out with all your friends.

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Is such a thing possible?

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is a hard pill to swallow. A lifetime of finger pricks, medications, insulin injections, and a constant and close watch on your diet is hard for anyone. With no cure for diabetes, is there any hope?
Studies show there may be a way for some people to reverse a lifetime of living with type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, diabetes is no longer thought of as a progressive disease, which means that with the right lifestyle changes you may be able to go off medication, prevent further health complications, and still be able to manage your symptoms. Could you be a candidate and are you up for the challenge? Keep reading to see what’s involved.

Diabetes Defined

Your pancreas is responsible for producing a hormone called insulin that is released when you consume foods that make your blood sugar rise. Insulin works to transfer sugar from your blood into your cells, where it’s used for energy.

Type 1 diabetes normally develops during childhood and is not associated with diet or weight. The pancreas produces little to no insulin, so regular injections are necessary. There’s no cure for this type of diabetes, it can’t be reversed, and the symptoms match those of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes typically develops later in life. With this condition, the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin or your body becomes resistant to insulin, causing glucose levels to rise in the blood. People with type 2 diabetes must keep a close watch on their blood sugar levels and take medication or insulin if necessary.

Restoring Balance

Three of the best ways to manage the symptoms of diabetes are also the ways you can possibly reverse the condition. Studies show that healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss may be able to restore healthy insulin and blood sugar levels. Whether or not you’re able to reverse type 2 diabetes will depend on how long you’ve had the condition, the severity of the disease, and your genetics.

People who’ve had diabetes for less than a few years typically have the best success at reversing it. Because body fat has a big influence on insulin production and how the body processes it, weight loss offers your greatest chance of reversing type 2 diabetes. Some people can lose enough weight through a serious commitment to diet and exercise, with some finding the most success through weight-loss surgery.

A New Eating Plan

Your diet has the greatest influence on your weight and blood sugar, so making changes to what you eat is your first priority. Work with your physician or dietician to make a diet plan. Your initial priority is to reduce the number of calories and carbohydrates you eat. Include healthy fats, a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume and avoid junk food and sweets.

Get More Exercise

Besides your diet, exercise is the second piece of the puzzle for losing weight and reversing your symptoms. Thankfully, you have a trainer at your disposal who is ready to develop a workout routine that’s safe and effective for your condition. Be sure to check your blood sugar levels before, during, and following your workout. If you’re new to exercise, start out slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Walking is a great place to start. Your trainer may also include other low-impact exercises that may include swimming, cycling, or the elliptical, all which are great for overweight people with weak joints.

Aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week. More exercise may be necessary to see the results you desire, but don’t give up. Your journey to health is a marathon, not a sprint. With the long view of your health, diabetes may one day be in your rearview mirror.