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  • Cleaning Out Your Closet
    Hidden in cabinets, overhead in the attic, underfoot in the basement, and in every nook and cranny are things, things, things! While it can be an overwhelming task to think about making decisions about what to keep and what to donate, repurpose, or throw away, you can do it if you take it one step at a time. Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


Hi, I am Juile age 46.  I never like working out, getting all sweaty and I don't like gyms.  But since I became a member of Dare to Be Fit, all that has changed.  I am no longer on blood pressure medication.  I look and feel more energic and trim.  People are comlimenting me all the time on how much I have changed.  I smile a lot more because I feel so good.  Coach discovered the 'gym rat' in me and I am proud to say that I am in the best shape ever at 46 years old.  If you are serious about exercise and healthy choices, then Coach, Ray and Ty will lead you every step of the way.  Dare to Be Fit is like my very own personal training club.  

Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Cleaning Out Your Closet

Is it time to get rid of the extra junk in your life?

Take a walk through your house and look around. Hidden in cabinets, overhead in the attic, underfoot in the basement, and in every nook and cranny are things, things, things! Some of them—tools, dishes, towels, and clothes—get used on a regular basis. Other things, that stuff you keep thinking will come in handy, hasn’t been touched in years. Rather, all that extra stuff is simply taking up space and cluttering up your home.

Don’t wait until spring to do your deep cleaning. There’s no better time than now to downsize and get rid of excess stuff. While it can be an overwhelming task to think about making decisions about what to keep and what to donate, repurpose, or throw away, you can do it if you take it one step at a time.


There are plenty of local charity organizations in your community that would love to take some of those unwanted things off your hands. For many, removing clutter when it’s being donated isn’t as hard as throwing things away, because you know those items you will be going to a good cause and a new home. Look through your closets and drawers and find things you can donate. Clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in a year or that don’t fit you are good places to start.

But don’t stop there! Scan your book and CD shelves. Was that book really that good that you need to keep it a decade later? And do you need copies of CDs that you’ve stored on your phone, mp3 player, and the cloud? Why not give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them by donating your CDs, books, magazines, and other gently used items?


Got a box of old candles? You can make them new candles by melting them down and combining them. Or maybe you’ve been clinging to a pile of t-shirts or sweaters that have some sentimental meaning to you. Cut them up and use them to create a quilt that you can use and enjoy, instead of a stack of worn out t-shirts that hide from the world. Not interested in quilting? Use those old t-shirts as cleaning rags.

f you find a weathered stack of comic books, put them to use. Paste a comic cover on notebooks to create one-of-a-kind notebooks that will get plenty of attention. Don’t want notebooks customized with old comics? Walk down the street and give the books to a neighbor kid who would enjoy them like you did so many years ago.

Throw Away

As you know, everything has a limited shelf life. With this in mind, learn to accept the fact that some things outlive their usefulness and must be thrown away. It was a sweet sentiment when you stored the boxes of drawings from your children’s childhood in the attic. However, you’ve not looked at them in decades and you can barely make out what the drawings are any more. Select a handful to keep and trash the rest.

To do a major overhaul, pile up all the items you’ve not touched or thought about over the last year. You may think all of these things could be donated. But before you prepare to take loads of goods to a second-hand store, consider whether you would buy the item. Is it really in good shape and will it really make someone’s life better, or do you just want a tiny bit of tax write-off for your donation? If that broken toaster isn’t nice enough to keep around your house, why would you think someone else would want it?