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    Remember the days when your mom would tell you to be home by dark? While there are potential dangers of outdoor play and parents must use caution, kids may be missing out on some valuable health and developmental benefits by spending all of their time inside or in structured environments. Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


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Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Home by Dark

You need to send your kids outside to play. Here’s why.

Remember the days when your mom would tell you to be home by dark? In the meantime you rode your bike around the neighborhood, built forts, caught fireflies, and made mud pies. These days, most kids spend their free time glued to a screen, practicing with organized sport teams, or playing indoors. There’s a play set in the backyard, but it’s rarely used and is starting to fall apart. But it’s time for that to change.

While there are potential dangers of outdoor play and parents must use caution, kids may be missing out on some valuable health and developmental benefits by spending all of their time inside or in structured environments. They may complain at first, rather play their video games, and seem bored outside, but it’s a smart idea to make your kids go outside to play for at least one hour a day. It’s for their good, and you’ll get a little peace and quiet at the same time.
Keep reading to learn why you may want to push your kids outside more often.

Physical Health

Childhood obesity rates are higher than ever, and a major reason is that kids are more sedentary. Sitting in school, sitting in the car, and sitting watching television—kids just don’t move as much as they need to for good health. Instead of jumping on the furniture and running around the house, the outdoors provides the perfect environment for jumping, running, climbing, and being active. The result? Stronger bones and muscles, a stronger heart, and a lowered risk of obesity.

Focus and Concentration

Studies show that kids who spend the majority of their time indoors doing activities that don’t require creativity, commitment to follow-through, or problem solving are more likely to have short attention spans. When kids play outdoors, they become more curious, learn to make decisions on their own, and are able to focus for longer periods of time.

Mental Development

When a caregiver is always hovering, fixing, or teaching, children miss out on certain aspects of cognitive, social, and emotional development. Unstructured outdoor play helps kids learn to share, solve problems, make decisions, explore, invent, and interact with each other. Believe it or not, your little ones can do all of this. You just have to give them the opportunity.

Sensory Stimulation

Yes, watching a movie or playing a video game is stimulating, but not as much as spending time outside. In the great outdoors, you can see, smell, hear, and touch what’s around you. All of the senses are activated when outside, and your brain is constantly taking in and interpreting new information. This is good for adults and it’s essential for a child’s development.

Promotes Imagination

While there are plenty of ways for kids to be creative and use their imagination indoors, unstructured play outdoors opens up a whole new world. Building forts, playing house, and inventing new games are just the tip of the iceberg of the ways kids can unleash their creativity outside.

Reduces Stress

A lot of kids these days are anxious and stressed out. Trouble at home, friend drama, school pressures, and highly structured lives can take their toll on little ones. Studies show spending time outdoors offers powerful stress-relieving benefits. No walls, no ceilings, fresh air, and green space are all good for the soul. Free time with unstructured play allows kids to relax and forget about their worries. They can run free, talk with friends, and learn healthy ways to manage stress and burn off steam.