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Ron, age 62

Cold Virus or Strep?

Don’t make a trip to the doctor unless you have to.

Throughout the day you feel it coming on and hope you’re not getting sick. Sore throats are often the first symptom of the common cold, but they can also signal an infection due to streptococcus bacteria or tonsillitis. With a sore throat, it can be difficult to know whether you should see a doctor or just wait it out.

Here’s how to distinguish between the different types of sore throats.

Cold Throat

Chances are your sore throat is due to a virus, since bacterial infections are much less common. Colds often start with a mild sore throat that usually feels better after a day or two and is followed by congestion, a runny nose, a cough, sneezing, mild aches and pains, or a low fever.

Symptomatic control will help relieve your sore throat in the meantime. Drink hot tea, gargle with salt water, take over-the-counter pain medication, suck on throat lozenges, and get plenty of rest. And while you may want to take some, antibiotics won’t do you any good if you have a virus.

Strep Throat

Only 5 to 10 percent of sore throats are caused by streptococcus bacteria. Kids ages 5 to 15 years are most susceptible to strep throat, but adults aren’t immune. The fall and winter see the most cases of strep when kids are at school. Like viruses, the strep bacteria spread through contact with a sick person’s nasal secretions or saliva.

Even though the symptoms of strep throat and a cold are similar, the pain and discomfort of strep is usually more severe and longer lasting. Your sore throat will come on quite sudden, you won’t have much of an appetite, it will hurt to swallow or even talk, you may feel sick to your stomach, the lymph nodes in your neck may be tender or swollen, you’ll have a fever, and your throat and tonsils may be red with white spots. Kids often get a rash known as scarlet fever with a strep infection. While a cough is common with a cold, it rarely occurs with strep throat.

Because strep throat can lead to rheumatic fever (an illness that can damage the heart valves and joints), it’s best to see your doctor if you suspect an infection. A simple throat swab and rapid strep test are used to diagnose strep and results take only a few minutes. A positive test can be treated with antibiotics to kill the strep bacteria. After 24 hours on the antibiotic, you’ll no longer be contagious, making it possible to get back to work, school, and life quickly. You should start to feel better after a day or two but always finish the course of your antibiotics.

Throat Full of Tonsillitis

A third type of sore throat caused by a virus or bacteria is tonsillitis. Your tonsils are located on either side of the back of your throat and work to fight off infection. When they become infected themselves, the result is inflammation and pain. Along with a painful sore throat, tonsillitis often comes with a runny nose, fever, swollen neck lymph nodes, bad breath, and a nasal-sounding voice.

Tonsillitis caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics, but viral tonsillitis will have to run its course and be treated with symptom control. When a child repeatedly contracts tonsillitis, he or she may be a candidate for surgical removal of the tonsils.

Other Causes

While colds, strep throat, and tonsillitis are the most common culprits for sore throats, they can also be caused by allergies, air pollution, dry air, smoking, infectious mononucleosis, or the Coxsackie virus (also known as hand, foot, and mouth disease).