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Sticking to the Budget

Planning ahead and staying out of debt

Ever feel like your bank account controls you instead of the other way around? Then it’s time to make a plan. You’re the one in charge of your finances, and you don’t have to be a slave to debt. A budget is your key to getting out of debt, saving for the future, and spending your money wisely. So how do you do it?

Whether you’re in the top tax bracket or the lowest, here are a few tips to get started on your way to a budget that will give you peace of mind and a little more cash in your pocket.

Get on the Same Page

It’s a fact that marital conflict over finances is a leading cause of divorce, but it doesn’t have to be. A budget may sound like a negative term, but it can be a lifesaver when everyone is on board. Creating a budget must be done with your spouse, but creating a budget shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to play the blame game or argue about spending.

The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations. - Jacob Lew

Break It Down

To create a budget, you’ve got to identify where your money is going. All you need is a pen and paper, a computer with spreadsheet capabilities, or a smart phone app and a little time. Make a list of each category of spending: food, gas, utilities, eating out, mortgage, clothing, car payment, entertainment...you get the point. Then, looking back at the past three months of bank statements, estimate or calculate the total you spent in each category and fill in your spreadsheet.

Next, add up how much your family brings in each month. This is your income. The goal is for your spending to be less than your income with enough left over to save and to give.


Seeing the totals in black and white will clarify where your money goes each month. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have a hole in your pocket. With a careful look, you’ll be able to identify areas of wasteful spending. This could be eating out multiple times a week, leasing a car, unnecessary insurance, interest on credit cards, or expensive entertainment. It’s different for everyone, and one person’s wasteful spending is another person’s necessity.

Looking at your list of how you spend your money, prioritize each category from most to least important. Housing and utilities should come at the top and account for 35 percent or less of your total income. Things like eating out and entertainment should go at the bottom of your list.


Now it’s time to budget. Merriam-Webster defines a budget as “an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent.” The key word is plan. Each dollar must have a name: rent dollars, grocery dollars, gas dollars, etc.—you get the point.

A helpful way to do this is with cash and envelopes. It’s a lot easier to overspend when you’re using a plastic card rather than designated cash, so at the beginning of each month or after every payday, cash your checks, divide the money into labeled envelopes, and hide them in a safe place. When it’s time to get groceries, use the cash from the grocery envelope. When it’s time to buy new shoes, find the clothing envelope. If there’s money left over for “fun” purchases (home décor, a vacation, or hunting equipment) set aside an amount each month that can be used or saved up over time for more expensive items.

Save, Pay Debt, Give

Smart financial planning includes saving for the future. A direct deposit system works well for saving for things like an emergency fund, college, a vacation, a new car, or retirement. If you never see the money, you won’t miss it as much.
Without a plan in place for paying down debt, it could hang over your head for years. You could go about this in one of two ways. Some people prefer to pay off the highest interest-rate credit cards first to save money. Others find the most satisfaction and motivation by paying off credit cards with the smallest balance first. Either way, paying off debt should be your priority above all other unnecessary spending.

A benefit of budgeting, living within your means, and being debt-free is the ability to give. Whether to a charity, house of worship, or to neighbors in need, it’s more blessed to give than to receive.