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Acne Revisited

It's not just a teen thing. Acne can strike adults, too.

You remember the teenage years. Along with your changing body, friend drama, and high school proms came the unpleasant breakouts that made you want to hide away in your room. Unfortunately, acne doesn't just affect teenagers. It can be a common problem for adults in their 30s or 40s and even into the 50s. Just because you're no longer a teenager doesn't mean you won't ever have to deal with acne.

If you thought the raging hormones of the teenage years were to blame for breakouts, why do you have a zit when you're 40 years old? What's the best way to keep your skin clear at any age? Keep reading to find out.

What's the Deal?

A variety of factors contribute to adult-onset acne. Unlike what many people think, poor hygiene isn't always to blame. Stress, hormonal changes, genetics, medications, medical conditions, and the type of skincare products you use are all possible causes.

You may notice you're more prone to a breakout when you're under extra stress at work, you're anxious about a relationship, or you're having financial strain. When your body is under stress, it produces androgen, a hormone that stimulates the skin's oil glands and hair follicles, making acne more likely.

Hormonal imbalances are another major player in acne. Women, especially, deal with acne due to fluctuating hormones around their monthly cycle, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause, or as a side effect of birth control pills.
Acne can run in families so if your mom, dad, or sibling has adult acne, you'll be more likely to have it as well.

Taking medication for one medical condition often causes other conditions to arise. One such negative side effect is acne. Common offenders include lithium, corticosteroids, and anti-seizure drugs. If you notice breakouts occurring more frequently since you started a new medication, ask your doctor for an alternative or see a dermatologist to help control the acne.
In rare instances, unexplained acne is the result of an undiagnosed medical condition. See your doctor for troublesome acne that doesn't seem to ever go away.

The creams, cleansers, makeups, and sunscreens that you apply to your face may even play a role in your breakouts. To prevent product-induced zits, make sure all your facial products are labeled as non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), oil-free, or non-acnegenic (won't cause breakouts).

Get Clear Skin

While adult acne can be a frustrating occurrence, there are ways to make it go away. It's important to wash your face once or twice a day with warm or cool water and a gentle cleanser. Soaps containing tea tree oil have been found particularly effective at treating acne. Always pat rather than rub your skin dry with a soft towel. Use facial products that contain sulfur, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide when you need an extra hand.

In the event daily care doesn't do the job, acne medications may be the answer. In the case hormones are to blame, birth control pills may help. Topical antibiotics, pill antibiotics, retinoids, Aldactone (a drug that blocks the androgen hormone), or isotretinoin (also known as Accutane, this drug reduces the skin's oil production, unclogs pores in the skin, kills the bacteria that causes acne, and reduces inflammation) are other medications your doctor may prescribe.

Your diet may play a role in acne prevention. Avoid refined carbs, too much dairy, and excessive salt intake and see if your skin clears up.

At the same time, you’ll want to learn healthy ways to manage the stress in your life. Try relaxation techniques, exercise, counseling, or meditation.

And if all else fails, visit your dermatologist for persistent acne. Various therapies (light therapy or vacuum therapy) are available to treat acne, though they come with a substantial price tag. To prevent scarring and infection from popping your zits at home, your dermatologist can do this job for you with better outcomes.