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Watching the Weather

When bad weather strikes, will you be prepared?

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, and ice storms can—and often do—hit with little or no notice. Unless you’ve been watching the weather all day long, you may not know what’s coming. When storms become severe and watches turn into warnings, do you and your family know what to do to stay safe?

Read on to learn safety tips for various types of bad weather.


A severe thunderstorm can bring not only rain and thunder, but also frequent lightening, strong winds, hail, and even a tornado. A strong building is the best place to be during a thunderstorm. Keep in mind that lightening can strike your home and travel through phone lines, power lines, and metal pipes. So during a strong storm, avoid talking on the phone or taking a shower, and unplug sensitive electronics.

Your car is also a relatively safe place during a thunderstorm...unless it’s a convertible. If your car is struck by lightning, the electric charge is diverted through the car and to the ground. While in the car, don’t touch the windows or anything metal. Keep in mind that you may be safe in the car, but your car could be damaged by hail.

If you find yourself outside when a storm hits, find a grove of trees and wait it out. Don’t stand near any single tree or a tall object. Lightning tends to strike the tallest thing around. If you’re out in an open field, crouch down on the balls of your feet as low to the ground as possible.


The high winds of a tornado can cause incredible damage to anything in its path. If the weather conditions are favorable for a tornado, the weather service will issue a watch. If this is the case, bring any outdoor furniture, toys, and trashcans indoors. Close windows, keep a safe distance from all windows, and unplug electronics.

If the watch turns into a warning take it seriously. A warning means a funnel cloud has been sighted nearby or detected on radar. So seek shelter immediately and head to the lowest level of your home or building. The basement is the safest place to be. Go under a staircase, in an interior closet, or under a heavy table. Put as many walls between yourself and the outside as possible. Crouch down, cover your head, and cover yourself with blankets or pillows.

Flash Floods

Heavy rain for long periods or heavy rain after a dry spell can lead to flash flooding. Remember: it doesn’t take long for water to rise in a flash flood, so get to high ground while you can. Winding up in only six inches of rushing water can knock you over.

If you’re in your car during a flash flood, avoid roads covered with water. A foot and a half to two feet of moving water can lift your car off the ground. Most flash flood deaths occur when cars are swept away by rushing water. While you may be a great swimmer, it’s difficult to judge how deep water is, so stay safe by turning around and going back indoors. It’s not worth risking your life.

Ice Storms

Freezing temperatures combined with precipitation can quickly lead to dangerous driving conditions and power outages. When ice threatens, stay put and ride out the storm. If you live in an area with frequent snow and ice, stock up on firewood and extra food during the cold season. And avoid ruined water pipes by keeping them from freezing with insulation and leaving a faucet dripping.