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  • Treadmill Workouts
    While the treadmill may or may not be your cardio machine of choice, with these four workouts you may get addicted as you watch your hard work pay off. Read >>
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Treadmill Workouts

If you answer “No” to one or more of these questions, you may not be getting the most out of your workout.

Are you in a workout rut? It's easy to jump on the treadmill, jog at an easy pace, and get lost in a television show until your half hour is over. But day in and day out, this routine can get boring and may not provide the results you're looking for. While the treadmill may or may not be your cardio machine of choice, with these four workouts you may get addicted as you watch your hard work pay off.

For your next cardio workout, give one of these routines a try. Remember to always start your workout with a warm-up and end with a cool-down period and stretches.

Interval Training

No more mindless jogging. An interval workout will keep your mind and body engaged, burn some serious calories in a short amount of time, and improve your performance. Interval training alternates high-intensity bursts of exercise with lower-intensity, recovery periods of exercise. One good thing about the treadmill is its ability to increase or decrease speed with the push of a button.

Intervals on the treadmill can be done by alternating walking and jogging or jogging and running, or a combination. Start your workout with three minutes at a comfortable pace, and then increase the speed and intensity for two minutes. Reduce the speed for three minutes, increase for two. Continue this pattern for the duration of your workout.

Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on my treadmill. It never fails. Exercise is nothing short of a miracle. - Cher

Burn the Fat

Looking to shed pounds? Try a 500-calorie-shredding workout on the treadmill. Do the workout seven times to burn 3,500 calories and you'll lose one pound. This workout requires an hour of intense intervals. Start with five minutes at a five-mile-per-hour pace, then pick it up a notch to six miles per hour for three minutes. The remainder of the workout will alternate between one minute at seven or seven and a half miles per hour and three minutes at six. End with five minutes of cooling down at five miles per hour.

Hills for Your Glutes

Including hills in your workout is a great way to work your legs and glutes. You could live in the flattest part of the world and still be able to benefit from hills or even mountain terrain by using a treadmill. With the touch of a button the treadmill can increase or decrease its incline to mimic the feel of exercising on hills.

Many people prefer a hill routine to be done at a consistent speed. Hills can be conquered while walking, jogging, or if you really want a challenge, running. Four miles per hour is a good pace for most people. Start with five minutes at a low incline of three percent. Increase the incline to a high percentage (7 to 12) for two minutes, reduce the incline to a low percent (3 to 6) for one minute, and continue alternating between a high incline and low incline for the duration of your workout. The next day your legs will feel it.

Short But Intense

Get your money's worth with a quick 20-minute treadmill routine that adjusts both the speed and incline every two minutes. Start with a warm-up at four miles per hour and a two-percent incline. Then, every two minutes increase the speed by half a mile per hour and the incline by a half a percent. At the halfway point in your workout, begin to decrease the speed by half a mile per hour and decrease the incline by half a percent until you reach your cool down.