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I am Melynda, a mother of 2 and a RN.  At 35 I was begining to feel the pressure of keeping up with my active children and demanding job.  While fullfilled and happy, I was always tired and short of feel well.  Working out with Coach changed all that.  Now, I have energy to spare and I can't stop smiling.  I am really, really happy!  Come see the Coach!   You can change your life, get shapely and feel great.  No need to feel tired or 'get old'.  Age is just a number around here.  We are the picture of youth!

This Month In Life
  • Unwind the Cheap Way
    While some people recharge with a day at the spa, an exotic vacation, or wining and dining, there are plenty of other ways to relax that don't require spending lots of money. If financial woes contribute to your stress level, try these free or inexpensive relaxation techniques. Read >>
  • Sick Kids
    When a child is sick it's not only tough for the child, but it can be stressful for parents as well. When you've had enough of Curious George reruns, it's time to get more creative. Here are some quiet activities to make the days more enjoyable for both you and your kids. Read >>
  • Diet with a Side Order of Worm
    What if someone told you that you could eat whatever you wanted, not exercise, and still lose weight? You'd want to hear more, right? What if you found out it involved eating a tapeworm? Read >>
  • Too Much Too Soon
    Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), also known as shin splints, is a relatively common condition for runners, dancers, tennis players, and inexperienced athletes. Most often caused by pushing yourself too hard too soon, the pain of shin splints can get so bad you're no longer able to run or perform, putting a quick end to your season. Read >>
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I hated smelly gyms, exercising and getting all sweaty. OMG! Dare to Be Fit change all that for me!


Hi, I am Juile age 46.  I never like working out, getting all sweaty and I don't like gyms.  But since I became a member of Dare to Be Fit, all that has changed.  I am no longer on blood pressure medication.  I look and feel more energic and trim.  People are comlimenting me all the time on how much I have changed.  I smile a lot more because I feel so good.  Coach discovered the 'gym rat' in me and I am proud to say that I am in the best shape ever at 46 years old.  If you are serious about exercise and healthy choices, then Coach, Ray and Ty will lead you every step of the way.  Dare to Be Fit is like my very own personal training club.  

Thanks for keeping me smiling!


Unwind the Cheap Way

You don't have to spend lots of money to relax.

When the stress in your life builds up and starts to affect your quality of life, you know you've waited too long to do something about it. Without taking time out of your busy schedule to relax and unwind, you're putting yourself at risk for depression, weight gain, heart conditions, cancer, other illnesses, and relationship problems. Don't let stress drive you to unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking, drinking, drugs, angry outbursts, overeating, under-eating, or withdrawing from family and friends. Rather, find healthy ways to unwind on a regular basis.

While some people recharge with a day at the spa, an exotic vacation, or wining and dining, there are plenty of other ways to relax that don't require spending lots of money. If financial woes contribute to your stress level, try these free or inexpensive relaxation techniques.

Go for a Walk

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to release pent-up stress and reduce its negative effects on you. So get your heart pumping for half an hour at least three days a week. Go on a walk during your lunch break, take your family on a hike, dance with your spouse, play a game of basketball with friends, or do whatever you like. The options are endless. All you have to do is move!

Get Outside

The hustle and bustle of city life can weigh you down. Take time to get away from the noise and lights and breathe in the fresh air, soak in a little vitamin D, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You'll feel the stress drain from your body as you sock in the great outdoors.

Together with a culture of work, there must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way: people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music, play a sport. - Pope Francis

Call a Funny Friend

They say laughter is the best medicine. Make use of this by spending time with people who lift your spirits. Call up a friend who makes you laugh or watch a comedy to take your mind off what's stressing you out.

Get Quality Sleep

Stress can keep you from a good night’s rest, and a lack of sleep can add to your stress. Therefore, it’s vital that you take measures to ensure you sleep well each night. Keep your room cool, quiet, and dark. Limit screen time, take a hot shower, and read an easy-to-comprehend book before falling asleep.

Bring Back the Old Days

Remember when you were a kid and hardly had a care in the world? Your days were filled with riding bikes, making mud pies, and chasing fireflies. Take a lesson from your childhood and do something you enjoyed when you were young. Build a snowman, jump on a trampoline, or play a game of kickball with the kids.

Turn Up the Tunes

Everyone has some go-to music when in need of a mood boost. In the car, at the house, or with your headphones while walking the dog, listen to music that will uplift your spirits.

Be Creative

Expressing yourself through art is a great way to de-stress. Studies have shown the process of making art helps reduce anxiety and depression and increases self-esteem. Get out the craft supplies and draw, paint, sew, knit, or build.

Make Your Own Spa

You don't have to spend lots of money to relax at a spa when you can make one yourself. Fill the bathtub, turn on soothing music, and light some candles. Turn off your phone and lock the door. Then relax in solitude.