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    You're on a diet, so sweets are off limits, right? Wrong. As long as you're smart about which sweets you choose, desserts can be enjoyed in moderation. Read >>
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I am Tara Caden and you would think that after having four, yes, four lovely children that my body would not come back to it's former youthful form.  It is just unbelievable what Coach Berry and the Dare to Be Fit fitness experts can do for you.  Motivation is a huge part of keeping on track to your goal and these guys really can keep you focused.   It is not all work, but a whole lot of fun as the Studio feels like your personal hang out with all your friends.

My advise, is to stop wishing and start doing.  It is so possible to have your dream.  I am loving my life and fulling my dream.  Start yours today with the best Coaches on the West Coast!

Diet-Friendly Desserts

Low-calorie treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You're on a diet, so sweets are off limits, right? Wrong. As long as you're smart about which sweets you choose, desserts can be enjoyed in moderation. Placing all treats on a “do not touch” list can actually be counterproductive to your diet. When your favorite foods aren't allowed and you slip up and give in to your chocolate craving, it's easy to over-indulge and eat the whole candy bar instead of just a bite. Enjoying the sweet things in life every once in a while will keep you from feeling deprived and like you deserve to “reward” yourself with a bowl of ice cream.

When your sweet tooth says, “Feed me,” here are a few low-calorie options to enjoy.

When I saw contestants fighting for their lives on 'The Biggest Loser,' I realized I just wanted to be healthy—to have fun playing soccer with my son or teaching my daughter to shoot hoops. Then it was so much easier to say no to carbs, soda, or dessert, and the weight just came off. - Alison Sweeney

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Non-fat Greek yogurt combined with fruit, a sprinkle of granola or flaxseed, and a few nuts is a yummy dessert that's low in sugar and calories and high in protein, fiber, and omega-three fatty acids. Eat a parfait for a snack or for a breakfast treat. It'll fill you up, provide lasting energy, and give you the right amount of healthy sweetness.

Dark Chocolate

The times when chocolate seems to be calling your name from the candy aisle, choose a piece of dark chocolate that's made with at least 70 percent cocoa. Rich in antioxidants, low in sugar and calories, and high in vitamins and minerals, dark chocolate is even good for your heart. A few bites and your chocolate cravings will be satisfied.


Most fruits are high in natural sugars, have been called nature's candy, and yet are safe to eat on a diet. High in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals, fruit will fill you up and keep you healthy. For a treat, eat a few frozen grapes. Or buy or make your own popsicles with 100-percent fruit juice. You can also bake an apple, banana, or pear and sprinkle on cinnamon or drizzle on melted dark chocolate.

Frozen Yogurt

Having grown in popularity the past few years, frozen yogurt can be a yummy way to enjoy smooth, creamy sweetness. Compared to its cousin ice cream, frozen yogurt is generally a healthier, lower-calorie alternative. Both ice cream and frozen yogurt are made from dairy, but ice cream is made with cream, the high-fat part of milk, whereas yogurt is made with cultured milk. A cup of vanilla ice cream has 275 calories, 31 grams of carbs, nine grams of saturated fat, and 15 grams of fat. Compare this to a cup of vanilla frozen yogurt, which has 221 calories, 38 grams of carbs, four grams of saturated fat, and six grams of fat. This isn't a huge difference, but the yogurt is the healthier option when eaten in moderation and without added syrups and sugary toppings.

Other Desserts

Many diet-friendly desserts can be found on grocery store shelves and are generally advertised as “light,” “fat-free,” or “reduced-fat.” Look for these labels on frozen treats such as fudge bars, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, sundae cones, sherbet, or sorbets. Low-fat puddings, granola bars, and cookies are also available. When you're craving cake, angel food cake may be your best bet.

Just remember with any of these desserts one serving is all that's friendly to your diet. Over-indulge and eat half the carton or the whole cake and your diet will be sabotaged. You have the freedom to enjoy a sweet treat but don't abuse your freedom or it may be taken away.