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This Month In Health
  • The Weather and Your Health
    You've no doubt heard people say they can feel a storm approaching just from the way their achy joints feel. Though scientific studies have failed to prove the validity of such claims, the idea that changing weather patterns affect certain health conditions has been around for hundreds of years. Read >>
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Ron, age 62

The Weather and Your Health

From migraines to arthritis, weather changes may play an important role in health conditions.

You've no doubt heard people say they can feel a storm approaching just from the way their achy joints feel. This may sound strange, but for countless people it's a reality. Though scientific studies have failed to prove the validity of such claims, the idea that changing weather patterns affect certain health conditions has been around for hundreds of years.

A number of ways health is affected by the weather are obvious. Think of hypothermia from the cold, sunstroke from the heat, and allergies from pollen. But other, less obvious connections seem to occur as well. Could atmospheric conditions related to the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure be linked to pain experienced with arthritis, migraines, sinus headaches, and fibromyalgia? You’re about to find out.

Weathered, Stiff Joints

Several theories seek to explain the connection between weather and the pain, stiffness, and swelling experienced by arthritis sufferers. The most popular theory believes pain is affected by changes in barometric pressure, the term used to describe the pressure placed on you by the air. Eight out of ten people with arthritis claim they can feel an increase in their pain when a storm or rain is headed their way. This is because the barometric pressure drops preceding a storm and decreased pressure on the body causes the tissue surrounding joints to swell and cause pain.

A second theory suspects that people get less physical activity during bad weather and a lack of exercise causes stiff and painful joints.
Thirdly, some hypothesize that during wet and cold weather people stay indoors and don't get enough vitamin D, the lack of which is another risk for joint pain.

Headache Weather

Several weather changes seem to cause migraine and sinus headaches. When the humidity spikes, the temperature quickly falls, or the barometric pressure decreases, people seem to get more headaches. One study found that for every nine-degree increase in temperature, migraine risk increased by seven and a half percent. Why this happens is scientifically unclear. Perhaps the barometric pressure increases pressure in the brain or influences the way the brain deals with pain.

Weathering Fibromyalgia

The host of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia seem to be aggravated by weather changes as well. Cold weather and increases in barometric pressure that come with the wind and precipitation seem to cause additional fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, and sleep problems for people with this debilitating disease. In fact, nine out of ten people with fibromyalgia claim weather is a top influence on their symptoms.

Research shows that weather may not directly affect symptoms, but it may indirectly. Fibromyalgia pain may worsen in connection to the weather because you may have trouble sleeping during cold or bad weather, your circadian rhythm may change during the cold months when you don't get as much sunlight, and the cold weather increases the level of cytokines (cell messengers that affect inflammation) in your body.

Preventing Whether Weather Affects You

When people who suffer from arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia move to another area of the country with warmer, more stable weather, they often experience relief from their symptoms. If moving is out of the question for you, what can you do? You can't change the weather but you can track the weather and know when an undesirable forecast is in the near future. Talk with your physician about preventative steps to take to avoid the negative effects of the weather on your condition.