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    Everyone will experience a burn to some degree or another in their life, so it's best to know how and when to treat them with home remedies and when to seek medical attention. Read >>
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Treating Burns

From first degree to third, here's the best way to treat a burn.

When your wrist makes contact with the iron, your shoulders get baked by the sun, or scalding coffee gets spilled on your lap, the burning sensation can be excruciating. Everyone will experience a burn to some degree or another in their life, so it's best to know how and when to treat them with home remedies and when to seek medical attention.

Burns can be caused by heat, fire, liquids, the sun, chemicals, or electricity and range in severity from minor first-degree burns to severe third-degree burns. The method of treatment depends on the degree of burn.

First Degree

A first-degree burn only harms the outermost layer of skin and causes redness, pain, swelling, and peeling (as the skin heals). When this type of burn affects a small area of the body it can be treated with simple home remedies and should heal in a few days to a week. The sooner you treat the burn, the faster it will heal.

To treat the burn, soak the burned area in cool water or place a cool cloth on the area for at least five minutes to cool the skin and stop additional burning. Then apply an antibiotic ointment and loose bandage to protect the wound. Taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen or applying 0.5 percent hydrocortisone cream to the burn can help relieve the pain. After several days, aloe vera cream or gel can feel soothing to the burned skin. Contrary to popular belief, you should cover a burn with ice. It feels good, but it can actually worsen the damage. Also, avoid using cotton balls to apply ointment or cream as the small fuzzes can stick to the burn and cause infection.

Second Degree

More serious than first degree, a second-degree burn damages more than just the top layer of skin and may lead to red or splotchy skin, pain, swelling, thick skin, and blisters that may pop. Home treatment methods can be used on a second-degree burn if it's smaller than three inches in diameter. However, if the burn covers a larger area or is on the face, hands, feet, pubic area, or a major joint, seek medical attention immediately.

Most second-degree burns should heal within several weeks, though damaged skin may require a skin graft (healthy skin is taken from another part of the body and placed on the burned skin). The worse the blisters are, the longer the skin will take to heal. Frequently replacing the bandages that cover the wounded area will help prevent infection and speed healing.

Third Degree

Severe burns that damage all layers of skin and even down to the layers of fat, muscle, and bone are characterized as third-degree burns. The burned area may appear waxy and white or charred black and have a leathery look. Due to the severity, a person may have trouble breathing and have other toxic effects if smoke or carbon dioxide was inhaled. While this type of burn may look extremely painful, it may not be if the nerves were damaged.

Don't attempt home remedies for third-degree burns. Call 911 immediately. Until help arrives, remove any burning material that may be touching the person and check for breathing or movement and perform CPR if necessary. Be careful not to remove clothing, but do take off belts or jewelry around the affected before the skin starts to swell. Unlike other burns, don't immerse the area in water. Rather, cover it with a cool, moist clean cloth and elevate the area above the heart.

The damage caused by third-degree burns may require surgery, physical therapy, and lifelong care due to the potential skin, bone, and organ damage. These burns are also most susceptible to infection, tetanus (a bacterial infection that affects the nervous system and muscles), hypothermia (when body heat escapes from the burn), hypovolemia (extreme blood loss), and scarring.