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I will be eternally grateful to you for how you healed by back!

I started training with Coach Berry when I was 61 years old.  For four months, I had suffered a great deal of back pain and knew I need to do something different. When I began with Coach, he asked me how I was feeling.  After a lifetime of training with a number of different trainers I could only say I didn't feel great.  My back pain caused me to see chiropractors and accupuncturists, but I found no relief.  After one deep tissue massage, Coach immediately had me feeling better.  After two months of training Coach had me back to 100%.  He knows what he is doing when it comes to training and injuries.  He trains people to perform exercises correctly to avoid injuries.  I have worked with many different trainers all over the San Diego County and Coach Berry is the best, most effective trainer I have meet.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness levels.

Ron, age 62

I Can See Clearly Now

Thanks to improvements in corrective eye surgery, you can, too.

You want to kick the glasses and contact. Perhaps you’ve considered having LASIK done to improve your eyesight but are hesitant because of the possible risks and side effects. Maybe you’ve avoided LASIK because you can’t stand the idea of a laser or blade cutting part of your inner eye. However, over the past 15 years, this procedure has developed new, safer techniques, making your fears unfounded and unnecessary.

Are you a candidate for LASIK? Find out.

How it Works

LASIK is short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Through the use of a small, sharp blade or laser device, this surgery permanently reshapes the cornea (the transparent covering over the front of the eye). This reshaping allows light to travel through the eye in a manner that allows light to be clearly focused on the retina at the back of the eye to correct the vision of people who are farsighted or nearsighted or have astigmatism.

During surgery, the patient is under local anesthesia given through eye drops or is mildly sedated if preferred. The procedure lasts about 10 minutes. Following surgery, you should no longer be dependent on contacts or eyeglasses.


Imagine a world in which you no longer spend money on eye exams, a new order of contacts, and new glasses. A world in which you no longer fumble around in the dark trying to find your glasses or taking the extra time each day to clean your contacts and put them in. With the power of LASIK, that world has arrived.

Aside from these practical benefits, LASIK has a 90 percent success rate. An amazing 9 out of 10 patients get the results they were hoping for and no longer need glasses like they did before. If it doesn’t work the first time, you can have it enhanced for further success.

To sweeten the deal even more, there is little to no pain with this type of eye surgery. You don’t have to wear bandages or get stitches following the procedure. And your eyesight should be corrected immediately or by the next day. Years later, if your vision starts to go bad again, you can have adjustments made to correct it.


As with any surgery, there is risk involved with LASIK. In order to minimize this risk and maximize your results, find the best doctor you can. Despite great advances, this is a very complex surgery, and you don’t want to mess with your eyes. Once your surgery is complete, the changes made to your cornea are permanent, and you want these changes to improve your vision.

You may experience mild discomfort or blurred vision in the day or two following surgery. Other rarer, more debilitating side effects resulting from surgery include difficulty with night driving, seeing halos of light around objects, a glare, changing vision, or eye dryness.

Is LASIK an Option?

You may not be a candidate for LASIK surgery if you’re not willing to take a little risk. Check with your employer before considered this procedure. Certain jobs won’t allow such surgeries. Unfortunately, insurance does not currently cover LASIK. If money is an issue for you, the surgery may not be an option.

Additional risks are involved in people who need frequent prescription changes; have certain diseases, eye conditions, or diabetes; are pregnant or breastfeeding; take certain medications that affect vision or wound healing; or are regularly involved in contact sports such as boxing or wrestling. LASIK is not approved for people younger than 18 years of age.

Don’t be swayed by doctors, advertisements, or well-meaning friends regarding your decision to have corrective eye surgery. Weigh the risks and advantages and make the choice that’s right for you.