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    A child drowning is any parent's worst nightmare. Making it even more tragic is the fact it's a danger that's largely preventable with simple safety measures and careful supervision. Read >>
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Drowning 101

It doesn't always look like you'd expect.

A child drowning is any parent's worst nightmare. Making it even more tragic is the fact it's a danger that's largely preventable with simple safety measures and careful supervision. Television shows and movies make drowning look different than it does in real life, so parents and adults would do well to educate themselves on the risks of drowning, what it truly looks like, and steps to rescue a drowning individual.

As your family spends time at the pool, lake, or beach this summer, protect yourselves and your children from the dangers of drowning.

Who's at Risk?

Your kids are only playing in a small kiddy pool, so they're safe from drowning, right? Don't be so sure. Drowning can happen in only an inch of water. Several factors increase the risk for drowning or near-drowning incidents. Males are much more likely to die from drowning. In fact, 80 percent of drowning deaths are males. This may be due to increased risk taking or alcohol involvement.

Children ages 1 to 4 are the most common victims of drowning, followed by kids ages 5 to 9. For toddlers, drowning is the second leading cause of death, and the majority of drownings happen in the victim’s own backyard swimming pool.

Being unable to swim is the greatest risk for drowning. Unfortunately, it's not just kids who lack ability but adults as well. That said, African-American children are three times more likely to drown than white children and are much more likely to be unable to swim. Other risk factors include having a pool that's not surrounded by a locked gate, children swimming or bathing unsupervised, water activity in dangerous waters, swimming without a life jacket, alcohol use near water, and swimming with a known or unknown seizure disorder.

What Does It Look Like?

Don't be fooled to think drowning always involves screaming, waving, and splashing as portrayed in movies. A person in distress may be able to call for help and thrash around, but drowning is usually so quiet and deceptive you may not realize it's happening in front of your own eyes.

Want to catch a drowning person before it’s too late? Here's what to look for.

Most of the time, drowning people aren't able to call for help because they can't breath. When their mouths come above water all they can do is gasp for air before going under again. Their mouths may be at water level with their heads tilted back and their eyes may be open or closed. Rather than being able to wave their arms or reach for safety, the instinctive movement is to use the arms to push down in the water to try to lift the head above water. Legs may look like they're climbing a ladder but aren't kicking hard enough to support the body. A person struggling in this way can usually only do so for less than a minute before going under.

How Do I Perform First Aid?

If you suspect someone may be drowning, ask if he or she is all right. If the person can only stare at you, be ready to help. Don't place yourself in danger as you try to rescue someone. If possible, throw a pole or life ring to the person. In the event you're unable to rescue a drowning person, call 911 immediately.

A person whose breathing has stopped may still be able to be revived, so perform rescue breathing and CPR as soon as possible. Be careful of moving a person who may have experienced a neck or spine injury. Anyone who nearly drowned should be evaluated by a doctor, since lung complications are common.