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Chandra Young is now a professional Fitness Trainer

Self Actualization is true happiness and I couldn't be happier.   I trained with Coach Berry and realized the path to my fullfilling my dreams and professional goals.  I am now a Certified Personal Trainer with my own business.  Please read my story at by clicking here >>

Good Health, on the Job

How to foster health and fitness where you work.

Do you have Zoom fatigue? Stress and anxiety on the job? Unhealthy lifestyle habits that affect work performance? These issues and more are addressed by corporate wellness programs. An increasing number of companies now incorporate wellness initiatives into the care they provide for employees, and many see high returns on their investment.

Does your place of employment offer wellness services? If not, they should. Here are a few reasons corporate wellness programs are used and the different ways they come alongside employees to promote health, wellness, and increased productivity.

What Is Their Purpose?

You may wonder what the point of wellness programs are. As an employer, you may question the cost of providing extra services. Or as an employee you may wonder how you’d benefit from another boring meeting, another thing on your to-do list, or another long email thread.

Studies show that when companies make use of wellness programs in their business model, the company sees positive differences. Despite the financial cost to the business, the investment pays off. And it makes sense. After all, happy, healthy employees make happy customers. They also make work a more enjoyable place to be.

In general, companies who utilize wellness programs see increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and less absenteeism. Employees want to feel heard and supported by their bosses. When this happens, companies become more attractive to qualified employees. Additionally, companies can retain good workers with greater ease. This positions a business to thrive and not just survive.

There are other perks that come as well. Teach employees how to manage stress and give them adequate access to the healthcare and mental healthcare they need, and expect them to reap the following rewards:

Miss fewer days of work
Get better sleep
Have increased focus
Be more prepared to meet challenges
Remain calm and cause less drama
What Services Do They Provide?

There are many different corporate wellness programs to choose from. Depending on which you go with, you’ll have access to a variety of services. Companies should shop around, get recommendations, and read reviews to find the program that best fits their specific needs. Here are a few things to look for.

Many programs offer health services that include things like health coaching, biometric screening (for early diagnosis of health conditions), health education, exercise classes, and flu vaccine clinics. Apps may be offered for nutrition or exercise videos. They may also offer ways for employees to engage in friendly competitions for weight loss, exercise challenges, and more.

Mental health is a large focus of many wellness programs. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can hinder employees from giving 100 percent on the job. Corporate wellness services may include access to mental health care professionals, coaching on stress management, or learning conflict resolution skills in the workplace. It may also include apps that offer meditations, calming music, relaxation techniques, or mindfulness guides.

Other ways wellness programs seek to come alongside companies is by designing and leading team-building activities and sessions, leadership retreats, discussion groups for overcoming challenges, and activities or apps that foster community.

The arrival of COVID-19 created new challenges for companies. However, wellness programs helped support employees through the changes that took place. Furloughs, layoffs, remote work, new responsibilities, fears of the virus, and quarantines were faced by everyone. With a quality wellness program, you can get guidance as employees gradually return to the workplace after working remotely.