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  • The Slimming Power of Fiber
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  • Gaining Control over Your Fork
    Smaller portions mean fewer calories. If you’re used to overeating, portion control can be hard to learn, but very important to trimming down. Read on for a few simple strategies to slim down your portion sizes. Read >>
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Gaining Control over Your Fork

Portion control is a huge part of weight loss success. Eat less with these tips.

Did your mom force you to eat everything on your plate? Were you not allowed to leave the table until it was all gone? The lesson may have become so ingrained in your mind that it’s now hard to recognize when your stomach is full. No matter what, you feel the need to keep eating until your plate is clean.

Since so much of weight gain and weight loss is connected to calorie intake, portion control plays a big role in the success of weight loss. Smaller portions mean fewer calories. If you’re used to overeating, portion control can be hard to learn, but very important to trimming down.

Read on for a few simple strategies to slim down your portion sizes.

Smaller Dishes

You may be super hungry and think you can eat a plate full of food, but sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. One proven way to eat less food is to use a smaller dinner plate. If you’re used to filling your plate with food, you can still fill a plate, but it’ll be a smaller plate. This doesn't just apply to your plate. A smaller bowl, a smaller drinking glass, or smaller serving spoon can all make a difference in the number of calories you consume at each meal.

Serving Size Guide

When you look at a nutrition label and see the number of calories, grams of sodium, or grams of added sugar per serving, it can be hard to know what a serving size is. Many times, it’s a lot smaller than you think. Part of portion control is learning to eat the proper portion sizes. Without using a measuring cup or food scale at every meal, one easy way to get an idea of serving sizes is to use your hands as a guide.

When serving protein, such as poultry, meat, fish, or beans, a woman’s portion should be the size of your palm. Men can have twice that much. Grains and starchy vegetables should fit in a cupped hand for women and two cupped hands for men. A healthy vegetables and salad portion is fist-size for women and two fists for men. When using butters, nuts, oils, or other fats, think of the size of one thumb for women and two thumbs for men. Of course, if weight loss is your goal, consider eating a bit less than these recommendations.

Serve Your Own Food

How many times have you mindlessly eaten straight out of a food package? Before you know it, the bag of chips, carton of ice cream, or container of nuts is half gone. Studies show people eat much more when they eat out of a large package compared to a smaller one—even if the food tastes bad. Be smart and serve your snack food on a dish. This way, you can see exactly how much you are eating and limit yourself to what’s on the dish.

Secondly, serve yourself for your meals. If others serve up your plate, they may give you more than you need.

Half Portions at Restaurants

Most restaurant portions are much larger than healthy, diet-friendly portions. The average restaurant serving size is two and a half times bigger than the recommended serving size. In some cases, servings are eight times larger than they should be!

There are several ways to avoid overeating when eating out. Ask for half portions of your meal so the food won’t tempt you. Order from the children’s menu, which usually offers small portions. Or ask your server to only serve you half the meal and put the other half in a to-go box to eat the next day.