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  • For All the Haters
    For some people, exercise just clicks. Others, not so much. Whatever your reasons are for hating exercise, part of the problem may be that you haven’t found the right workout. Here are some to consider. Read >>
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Chandra Young is now a professional Fitness Trainer

Self Actualization is true happiness and I couldn't be happier.   I trained with Coach Berry and realized the path to my fullfilling my dreams and professional goals.  I am now a Certified Personal Trainer with my own business.  Please read my story at by clicking here >>

For All the Haters

Dread exercising? You may like one of these workouts.

For some people, exercise just clicks. They feed on the endorphins, they get energized afterward, and they see the weight come off. These are the people who look forward to their workouts. Others, not so much. If you fall in the not-so-much camp, you’ve likely struggled to make exercise part of your life. Despite your greatest efforts, nothing has ever stuck. Maybe you hate to sweat or to feel sore the next day. Perhaps you lack confidence and are self-conscious exercising at the gym. Maybe you think it’s boring or a waste of time.

Whatever your reasons are for hating exercise, part of the problem may be that you haven’t found the right workout. With hundreds of workouts to choose from, there’s got to be something out there you would enjoy. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Before you give up altogether, see if any of these workouts sound interesting. Then, give them a try to complement what you’re doing in the gym with your trainer.

Go Rollerblading or Roller Skating

While it may remind you of birthday parties in elementary school, roller skating or rollerblading can be super fun for adults, too. It’s a low-impact cardio workout that targets your lower body and core muscles. Find a friend to join you at the rink or buy your own pair of skates and head to the local park or greenway.

Play Video Games

Sorry, but sitting in front of your video game screen isn’t exercise. Fortunately, video games aren’t all sedentary these days. There are plenty of fun fitness-based video games that track your motion and get your heart pumping. Start a friendly competition with your kids or friends and by the end of the game you’ll be out of breath. Popular examples of fitness-based video games include Just Dance, Fitness Boxing, Ring Fit Adventure, or Sports Party.

Join an Athletic League

If you’re motivated by competition, you may enjoy playing in a recreational sports league. All it takes to join a team is a small fee. Some leagues divide you up based on your skill level and how competitive you want the play to be. Regardless of your skill or competitive spirit, these are great opportunities for fun! Try dodgeball, softball, volleyball, tennis, or another sport. Just pick one and get to it.

Have a Dance Party

Turn up the dance tunes and start moving your body. Better yet, include the whole family. And don’t worry—there’s no experience or training required. Afraid you’ll look silly? Consider this: an hour of dancing can burn 450 calories. So who cares if you look silly? For something more structured, try an online dance workout video. Like a group environment? Join a Zumba class. Zumba is extremely popular because it’s a fun and effective workout at the same time. You may even forget you’re working out.

Go Rock Climbing

There’s nothing boring or easy about rock climbing. It’s a full-body strength workout that will challenge you to new limits. But it’s more than a challenge. Ask a rock-climbing enthusiast, and you’ll learn that rock climbing is a fun challenge. Find an indoor climbing gym or get in the great outdoors. Either way, your body will be pushed in new ways.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Yes, you may hate exercising. Or you think you do. Maybe all you need is a sidekick. Countless people say that having an exercise buddy makes their workouts more enjoyable. In fact, an exercise buddy is one of the greatest motivating factors to help you stick with exercise. Having a friend to meet you at the gym, to encourage you when you feel like quitting, or to commiserate together after a tough workout can make all the difference. Let your trainer be that partner. When not with your trainer, find someone else to keep you accountable. That way, you both enjoy the payoff and camaraderie.