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Inner, Middle, Outer

What type of ear infection is it?

Ear infections are a painfully common occurrence, especially for children. Caused when bacteria get trapped in the ear, infections can cause ear pain and fever - and when the infection is affecting an infant, incredible frustration.
There are three different types of ear infections based on the location of the infection. Middle ear infections are the most common and are called ear infections. Outer ear infections are referred to as swimmer’s ear and inner ear infections are called labyrinthitis.
How do you know what type of ear infection you have, and what are the symptoms and treatment for each? You’re about to find out!

Stuck in the Middle

The middle part of your ear is located right behind your eardrum. Tiny tubes called eustachian tubes run from your middle ear to your throat. These tubes may swell and become blocked when you have a cold. Fluid may then get trapped in your middle ear and cause an infection. Children are much more susceptible to middle ear infections because their eustachian tubes are smaller and therefore more prone to blockage.

The main symptom of this infection is an aching pain. A fever may also be present, and young children will be fussy and may have trouble sleeping since the pain is worse when lying down. Yet another sign is yellow fluid that may drain out of the ears if the eardrum ruptures. Frightening as it may seem, this isn’t dangerous and may actually help relieve the pain.

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics as soon as an ear infection is diagnosed, but most ear infections will heal on their own without medication. Whether or not you use antibiotics depends on the severity of the infection and the age of the child. Acetaminophen, warm washcloths, rest, and pain-relieving drops may help reduce symptoms when antibiotics aren’t available or preferred.

In the event of recurrent infections, surgical intervention is available. During the surgery, small tubes are implanted in the eustachian tubes to prevent future infections. Eventually, the tubes fall out of the ears on their own.

Risk factors for ear infections include exposure to cigarette smoke, sleeping while sucking on a bottle, frequent colds, and lack of immunization.

On the Outer Edge

The ear canal that runs from the ear drum to the outside of the ear may become infected when water, dirt, soaps, or other small particles get stuck in the canal. Other causes of outer ear infection include allergies, headphones, sweating, or a scratch from a sharp object. Since water is a common culprit, this type of infection is known as swimmer’s ear.

This infection causes the protective covering of the canal to erode away, leading to swelling, redness, itching, pressure, tenderness, and pain. Slight pressure on the jaw, chewing, or movement of the ear can cause pain to worsen. Advanced stages produce a fever.

When swimmer’s ear is present, a physician will prescribe eardrops to reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria. By staying out of water during the course of treatment, swimmer’s ear is quickly overcome. Unfortunately, those who get swimmer’s ear once are more likely to get it again. Dry your ears after swimming and keep foreign objects or products away from your ear canal to prevent this common nuissance.

Inner Circle

Deep in your inner ear is an apparatus called the labyrinth. When this part of the ear becomes infected, it’s called labrythitis. Since this ear part helps control your balance, an infection may result in vertigo (dizziness), lightheadedness, ringing in your ears, or short-term hearing loss. Labrythitis can develop following a viral, bacterial, upper respiratory, or middle ear infection.

Vertigo comes on suddenly and may last for days to weeks, and labyrinthitis usually heals on its own if it’s the result of a virus. Bacterial infections, however, will need to be treated with antibiotics. Severe symptoms may require additional medications, and balancing exercises may help reduce feeling of vertigo.

If you suspect an inner, middle, or outer ear infection, contact your doctor for diagnosis. With proper treatment, you should be on the road to full recovery.