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Introvert Vs. Extrovert

On which end of the personality spectrum do you find yourself?

The discussion of introverts versus extroverts is an interesting one. Commonly believed to be a difference between how outgoing or shy you are, the terms were originally coined in the early 20th century by psychologist Carl Jung to describe how people recharge or where they get their energy. A second misconception is that all people fall on one or the other end of the spectrum rather than somewhere in between. But Jung was known to say, “There's no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.”

So the question is, how do you recharge? Do you find your energy from being around other people or do you prefer to spend time alone? Can you change your personality?

Introducing Introversion

Large crowds and social situations zap your energy. You feel your spirit renewed after spending time alone with your thoughts. You reflect on ideas, memories, people's reactions, and your current or future responses to different situations.
If this sounds like you, you have introverted tendencies. Most likely, people often categorize you as shy or socially awkward, but you're just slow to speak and prefer one-on-one interactions. You may sometimes enjoy being with other people but after a while you just need some downtime by yourself. Compared to social butterflies, you'd rather have a few deep relationships instead of a lot of surface friendships.

Introverts thrive on schedules and you like to know what's expected and when. Last minute changes may throw off your equilibrium. Sometimes you think too much and don't get around to acting on those thoughts.

Explaining Extroversion

You feel energized from spending time with other people and being on the go. You're in your element at parties and social gatherings, while being alone makes you feel restless and bored.

Sound familiar? You’re largely an extrovert. You have many friends, like working in groups, and are described as a “people person” or having an outgoing personality.

Rather than spending time contemplating and reflecting, you process your thoughts by talking with others and discussing life. You're not one to sit around, but prefer action and change. Sometimes you get in trouble by speaking or doing things without first thinking them through.

Somewhere In Between

Perhaps you can clearly see where you fall on the personality spectrum, but maybe you can't. Chances are, your personality falls more in the middle. You feel comfortable being alone or in crowds, you know when to listen, and you’re good at communicating. People don't see you as overly reserved or outgoing, but somewhere in between. Psychologists have named this type of personality an ambivert.

Unlike the other two dominant traits, ambiverts have a hard time knowing what energizes them. One day it may be a quiet walk in the woods, another day you'd enjoy a meal out with friends. Ambiverts tend to adapt to whatever situation they're in and go either way.

Can You Change?

Your personality is shaped by both genetics and environment. You're born with certain tendencies, but life molds you into who you are. A study of brain scans reveals a clear difference in the way an extrovert's brain responds to various forms of stimuli as compared to an introvert's brain. You are the way you are for a reason.

Wish you were more outgoing or need to learn how to hold your tongue? Just because you have a tendency toward a certain end of the spectrum doesn't mean you can't work towards developing a more balanced personality.