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Lying to Your Doctor?

Hiding the truth may hurt your health.

“Of course I quit smoking, doctor.”
“Yes, I exercise everyday.”
“I only have an occasional drink.”

During your last doctor's exam, did you exaggerate just a little, “forget” a few important details, or purposely try to hide the truth? It's estimated that at least 25 percent of patients lie to their doctors.

Here's why you lie to your doctor, the most common lies, and why the truth is the most important thing you can take to your next doctor appointment.

Why You Lie

You probably don't enter the doctor's office planning to lie, but it still happens. Perhaps you don't want your doctor to judge you, lecture you, or think less of you. Maybe you want your doctor to think you're a good person and you feel ashamed to admit the truth. Your doctor asks questions for a reason, but you may hide the truth because you think it's irrelevant. Some people lie because they fear the truth could lead to issues with their insurance or higher fees.

Whatever your reasons for lying, don't think you can always fool your doctor. They're doctors because they're smart and many times they read the lines between your lies. Other times they can't and seemingly harmless lies may come back to haunt you later.

What You Lie About

A few of the most common lies doctors hear from their patients include the following:

“I quit smoking a few months ago.” Research has found that 10 percent of smokers admit to lying about the extent of their smoking. A habit that raises the risk of health conditions such as stroke, heart disease, lung disease, and cancer is something worth being honest about with your doctor. If your doctor doesn't know you smoke, he or she will not be able to help you stop or prescribe the best treatment for certain conditions.

“I only party on the weekend.” When talking to their doctor, most patients underestimate the amount of drinking, drugs, and other unhealthy behaviors they engage in. Doctors know this is the case and you don't need to worry about being found out. What you tell your doctor is kept confidential by law, unless someone's life is in danger. Since current and past habits like drinking and drugs affect your health, it's vital that your doctor knows the truth.

“I eat a healthy diet” or “I exercise every day.” Like other lifestyle habits, diet and exercise are other common exaggerations. Your mouth may tell the doctor one thing, but your weight, blood tests, heart health, and blood pressure don't lie. What you eat and how much physical activity you get play a huge part in your past, present, and future health, so fess up and be honest with your doctor.

“I always take my medication as directed.” Not finishing a round of antibiotics, skipping pills, or taking someone else's prescription are all big no-no's in the medical world—not because drug companies want more money, but because drugs work best when taken as directed. Negative side effects, drug interactions, and returning symptoms are a few of the reasons why it's important to tell your doctor the truth about all medications and supplements you're taking.

“It doesn't hurt much” or “I feel absolutely horrible.” Downplaying or exaggerating symptoms are common white lies in the doctor's office. Some people lie because they're scared of a particular diagnosis or treatment. Others mislead doctors to obtain prescription drugs or even a handicapped-parking permit. Dishonesty regarding the way you feel may lead to unnecessary tests or medications, wasted time, and increased costs.